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King Louis, artist Unkown to me

Stage Name

Birth Name

King Louis XIV

     King Louis ( The Sun King,) who became King in 1643 would greatly advance the art of dancing. Louis would partake ( Usually the central figure) in many of the ballets himself ( As a dancer,) usually appearing as a very heroic character in the ballet ( Played Apollo, the Sun God.) Louis along with Catherine de Medici would make the French Court the most elaborate and influential on earth. Louis was trained by Henri Prevost.

     Louis's first dance role was in Cassandre in 1651. Louis founded a school in 1661 for the training of the dancers called Academie Royale de danse ( Academy of Dancing) which also led to the Royal Academy of Music and Dance in 1672, now called the "Grand Opera Of Paris." He also Built the Palace of Versailles.

    Louis father was King Louis III who also loved to dance and his Mother was Anne of Austria. Louis had a son in 1661 named the Dauphin. The Le Duc de Bourgogne was Louis's grandson, who married the Princess de Savoy in 1697 and had a son titled Louis XV ( Third grandson) who became the heir.

    Monsieur Le Duc d'Orleans was the Kings brother who married Madame Elizabeth Charlotte ( Lisolette) of Bavaria and later d'Orleans married Mlle. de Blois who was the illegitimate daughter of Louis XIV and the Duke of Monmouth was a illegitimate son as well.

    Louis XIV was married twice ( Probably,) first to a Spanish Hapsburg princess, Maria Theresa. After her death he most likely secretly married his mistress, a Madame de Maintenon.

Birth Place

Birth Date



France 1638 - 1715 Maria Theresa n/a
    Mme de Maintenon (1683)  

Dance Types

Kings Dance Masters


Allemande Jean Baptiste Lully Beauchamps (1635-1709)
Ballet Pierre Beauchamps (1635-1709) Boutteville
Canaries D'Olivet Dumiraille
Courante ( Favorite) Louis Pe'cour (1655-1729) Favier the Elder
Gavotte Raoul Auger Feuillet (1659-1710) Favre
Gigue Jean Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) Germain
Minuet Jean Ballon Louis Pe'cour (1655-1729)
Sarabande Georges Rameau Louis L' Estang
Passepied Josias Priest (c.1689)      
      Master Isaac (c.1640-c.1720)      
      John Essex (c.1680-1744)      
      Kellom Tomlinson (c.1690, died after 1753)      
      Anthony L' Abbee (1700s)      
      John Weaver (1673-1760)      

Kings Composers


Issac De Bensserade 1651 - Cassandre
Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) 1653 - Ballet de la Nuit
Jean Baptiste Moliere       1654 - Ballet Royal des Noces de Pelee et de Thetis
Andre Campra       1654 - Ballet Royal des Proverbes

Portrayal Films


1661 - Ballet Royal des Saisons
    Magnificent Beginnings Jean Berain (1638-1711) 1662 - Carrousel De Louis XIV (Louvre)
            1664 - Les Amours Deguises

    Theaters, ETC

      1669 - Ballet de Flore
   Palace of Versailles       1681 - Le Triomphe d'Amor

Publications / Books


$ King Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette ... 1668 - Man in the Iron Mask (Gustache Dojai - 1637)
$ Kings Trials, Louis vs French Revolution Three Musketeers
$ Louis XIV Affairs of the Poisons
$ Louis XIV, A Royal Life      
$ Louis XIV, The Silent King      
$ Louis XIV's Versailles      
$ Societies of Pleasures ... King Louis XIV      
$ The Sun King      
$ The Wars of Louis XIV, 1667-1714      
$ Versailles: Absolutism and Harmony      

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