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Loie Fuller

Stage Name

Birth Name

Loie "Louie" Fuller Mary Louise Fuller

    Loie Fuller was born in a saloon in Illinois. Loie began her career as a child temperance lecturer. At a young age she would take a few dance lessons but gave them up because they were to difficult. Around 1883, she would be acting on Broadway stages playing in a variety of touring companies. and by 1889 had already formed her own company of young women dancers ... ( Loie Fuller and her Muses or Fullerets.) Moving to Paris and performing her famous Serpentine dance at the Follies-Bergère in 1892.

    She would be known as the 'Butterfly Girl' and invent the 'Serpentine Dance' which she Patented and presented it in New York at the Folies Bergère on February of 1892. Loïe Fuller was thirty years old at the time and was considered more an actress than a dancer, which she worked hard to change. Her La Danse de Feu dance was not really a dance, but the audience mistook it as one. She would create many versions of these dances over time.

    Loïe worked in Burlesque and Vaudeville as a dancer at the time and her Serpentine invention was due to a prop ( See Serpentine dance for more info.) These dances were imaginative with lights and fabrics ( Scarf's) and made pioneering achievements with lighting in films (with patents) as well as educating artists who studied her dance for movements through colors.

Loie Fuller Autograph

    Her Fire dance was another pioneering lighting effect with dancers wheras she would be dancing on an illuminated pane of glass in the floor, with special lighting to appear as if it was fire. Fuller had a school and a dance troupe (1908 - the Muses,) where she taught her own movements and improvisational techniques. She was a magician of dance so-to-speak.

    Loie Fuller and her Muses would travel all of Europe, Paris and America performing. She was the first American modern dancer to perform in Europe and introduced Isadora Duncan to Europe as well. For a period of time she traveled with the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and even had a theatre named after her at the Paris Expo of 1900. Fuller continues to be an influence on contemporary choreographers to this day. Loie passed away due to breast cancer in Paris in 1928, her body was cremated.

(The clip on the above/right is of Loie Fuller and her Serpentine dance in 1896.)

Birth Place

Birth Date



Fullersburg, Illinois 1/15/1862 - 1/1/1928 Gabrielle Bloch n/a
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Dance Partners

Sheet Music Titles

Folies Bergère* (1892) 1902 - Isadora Duncan 1893 - La femme à la robe
      Gertrud Von Axen 1902 - Loie Fuller Waltz
      Dick Fuller 1907 - Salome
      Loie Fuller & Her Chinese Dancers Le Danse de Feu ( Orig. Serpentine Song)
      Loie Fuller & Her Muses $ Ride of the Valkyrie's




c.1892 - Serpentine Dance 1909/10 - Met. Opera House 1886 - Humbug (actress)
c.1892/3 - Fire Dance* 1910 - Jordan Hall 1886 - Little Jack Sheppard
c.1895 - Lilly Dance 7/1915 - Mason Opera House 1886 - Turned Up (actress)
c.1896 - La Danse Blanche 1895- Comedie Parisienne 1887 - Arabian Nights (actress)
c.1896 - Salome 1915 - Oakland Auditorium 1887 - She (actress)
c.1898 - Butterfly Dance 1915 - Grand Casino 1887 - The Gentelemanly Savage (actress)
c.1901 - Blind Dance 1921 - Gaumont Palace 1887 - The Skating Rink (actress)
c.1901 - La Danse Martyrs 1922 - Casino d'Arcachon 1887 - Ustane (Skirt dancer)
c.1901 - Mad Dance 1922 - Casino de Fleurs -vichy 1892 - A Trip To Chinatown (Skirt dancer)
c.1907 - Dance of the Eyes 1922 - Casino de Paramé 1892 - Quack MD (skirt dancer)
Ballroom (Modern Dancing) 1922 - Coliseum, London 1892 - Uncle Celestin (Skirt dancer)
Ballet 1922 - Gran Casino de San Sebastian 1895 - Salome
La Danse de Feu 1922 - Théâtre Lumen 1900 - Paris Universal Exposition
Scarf Dance 1922 - Théâtre du Castillé 1906 - Kiel Concert
  1922 - Théâtre du Grand Cercle 1915 - Panama Pacific Int'l. Expo
  1922 - Théâtre Municipal d'Orleans 1920 - Lys de La Vie
  1923 - Alhambra, London 1927 - Shadow Ballet (last perf)
  1923 - Casino - d'Hendaye Humbug (actress)
  1923 - Scala d'Anvers  
  1922 - Casino de Paramé


  1922 - Coliseum, London La Loie Fuller - aux Folies Bergere
  1922 - Gran Casino de San Sebastian La Loie Fuller - Aux Folies Bergere (Bac)
  1926 - Scala Varieties Casino de Paris (Gertrude Hoffmann)
    Loie Fuller Poster
    Loie Fuller (Giclee Reproduction)
    Loie Fuller (by Grun)
    Loie Fuller Folies Bergere 1 (by Cherot)
    Loie Fuller Folies Bergere 2 (by Bac)
    Loie Fuller Folies Bergere 3 (by Pal)
    Loie Fuller Folies Bergere 4 (by Pal)
    Loie Fuller Folies Bergere 5 (unknown)
    Loie Fuller Follies Bergere (unknown)
    Loie Fuller Marquette (by Cherot)
    Loie Fuller - Tours les soirs (by Pal)
    Salome ( Defeure)
    1927 Loie Fuller Poster (Paul Colin)



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