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Jose Limon

Stage Name

Birth Name

José Limón

José Arcadio Limón


    Mexican-American José Limón is universally recognized as one of the most important Modern dancers of the 20th century. Like Jose Greco, Limon wanted to be a painter, although, he quit painting to become a dancer as his love for it never died. His family moved to the U.S. when he was just 7 ( First to Arizona, then California,) where he attended Catholic school and continued his drawing and painting.

    Later Limon went to New York in 1928 and joined the Humphrey-Weidman Studio, performing with them untill 1940. Limon went into the U.S. Army in 1943 and after his dis-charge in 1945, he formed his own dance company with Doris Humphrey as the artistic director for many years (1946-1958.) His first major work was 'The Moor's Pavane' ( A distillation of the OTELLO story) which is still taught in Universities around the world as well as others titled La Malinche, The Traitor ( Limon's response to the McCarthy Hearings), Carmen Jones ( Based upon Eugene O'Neill's play), A Choreographic Offering, There is a Time, Missa Brevis.

      The Mexican-American choreographer Jose' Limon demonstrates his intensely dramatic dance style in three different modern dance renditions. They are: "The Moor's Pavane," a distillation of the OTELLO story, "The Traitor," Limon's response to the McCarthy Hearings, and "The Emperor Jones," which is based upon Eugene O'Neill's play of the same name. After his death at age 64, he left behind a legacy of work that survives through the dance company that bears his name.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Culiacán, Mexico 1/12/1908 - 12/2/1972 Pauline Lawrence n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Beatrice Sekler 1932 - Satan's Lil Lamb
Folk Dance Betty Jones 1933 - Lonely Heart
Modern Dorothy Bird 1933 - Heat Wave
Spanish Ernestine Stodelle(Komisarjevsky Chamberlain) Una Palidez Muy Blanca (Latin)
      Letita Ide Aqui, Alla y en Todas Partes (Latin)
      May O'Donnell      
      Pauline Koner      
    Ruth Currier    
    Weidman Dancers    

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 2/1958 - Dance Magazine
            Illustrated Dance Technique of Jose Limon
        Jose! Born to Dance: The Story of Jose Limon
        Jose Limon ... American Choreographer (Cady)
        Jose Limon (2002, Dunbar)
        $ José Limón ... an Unfinished Memoir
        Jose Limon and La Malinche The Dancer (Seed)



Stage, Stage, Etc.

$1935 - Roberta n/a The Traitor
$1955 - The Traitor**     Emperor Jones
$1956 - Emperor Jones**     Story Of Mankind
$1957 - Jose Limon 3 modern classics*       1950 - Les Balletsa Americans
            1950 - The Exiles
            1949 - The Moor's Pavane
            1949 - La Malinche
            1949 - Invention

Limon DVD's

      1947 - Lament For The Death Of...
Jose Limon: Three Modern Dance Classics       1947 - Jose Limon Special
            1947 - Day On Earth
            1933 - Roberta ( Chor)
            1933 - As Thousands Cheer
            1932 - New Americana

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