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Stage Name

Birth Name

Lennie Smith


    Lennie Smith was a very popular swing dancer in southern California during the 1940s and 1950s. Lennie's unique and fun style would be seen in many movies along with Dean Collins, Lou Southern and Gil and Nikki Brady.

    Lennie, Dean Collins, Lou Southern, Gil Brady, Jack Carey, Freda Angela and Nikki Brady along with many others are responsible for the West Coast style of swing today. Lennie was inducted into the 1991 'California Swing Dance Hall of Fame' ( Steller Award.)

Lenny is the Sailor in the clip above (Jean Phelps Veloz and Don Gallagher are the other dancers)

Birth Place

Birth Date



n/a d. 1967 Kate Vaughn-Smith n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Jitterbug Freda (Angela) Wyckoff n/a
Hollywood Style Lindy Helen ?? (there were a few Helen's)      
West Coast Swing Jean Phelps Veloz      
      Lou Southern      

Night Clubs



Golden West Club n/a n/a
The Prelude            
The Rag Doll            




1944 - Follow The Boys n/a 1991 'California Swing Dance Hall of Fame
1944 - Ghost Catchers ( W/Frieda)       9/1992 - Jitterbug Magazine
1944 - Groovie Movie ( Pete Smith Short)            
1944 - Swing Fever ( W/Phelps)            
1946 - Death in Doses ( W/Frieda)            
1946 - Junior Prom ( W/Frieda)            
$1946 - Till the End of Time ( W/Frieda)            
1946 - Untamed Youth ( W/Frieda)            
1953 - Son of the Renegade ( Deputy)            
1954 - Living It Up ( W/Helen)            
1955 - Benny Goodman Story            
1955 - Running Wild            
1956 - Bundle of Joy ( W/Frieda)            
1956 - Don't Knock The Rock            
1957 - Calypso Heat Wave ( W/Frieda)            
1957 - Escape from San Quentin            
1959 - Juke Box Rhythm ( W/Frieda)            

  • NOTE: Lennie's brother is another well known swing dancer named: Tommy Silva

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