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Joe Lanza and Janine Shepard

Stage Name

Birth Name

Joe Lanza

Joe Lanza

    Joe Lanza was a wonderful Ballroom dancer of the 1950's. Stating to have learned "Real Swing" from Dean Collin's, adding Collin's style of dancing to his ballroom studio, and taught many people to dance over the years. Joe Lanza has been said to have invented the Bossa Nova dance of the 1950's.

    The Hollywood Reporter announced in May of 1957 that he was Hollywood's leading 'Rock & Roll Choreographer' and he is said to have originated the "Overhead Throw' ( An acrobatic movement) called the "Lanza Flip" with Charlotte Cross in 1956.

    Lanza proudly served in the Air Force in W.W.II as well as taught out of his own dance studio called "Lanza Dance Studio" and started the (now Defunct) Hollywood Dance Club in 1957. Lanza was an unaccredited dancer in many movies as well as the recipient of the 1952 Valentino Award for tango.

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Birth Place

Birth Date



Thompsonville, CT. 4/20/1923 Janine Shepard (1949-52) n/a
    Adele Kirkham (1959-61)  

Dance Types

Dance Partners


Adagio (with DeCalvo)    
Balboa Adele Kirkham  
Ballroom Beverly Mayo      
Bossa Nova (w/Bailey) Charlotte Cross      
Calypso Darleen Greminger-Lind      
Cha-Cha Janine Shepard (Mambo in Purple Onion)      
Charleston (with Mayo) Laure' Haile (doing the Peabody)      
Jitterbug Marian Scrivo      
Lindy Marilyn Jarvis      
Mambo Marie Baily      
Meringue (with Jarvis) Myrna Myron (of Myron's Ballroom)      
Pachanga Nina DeCalvo (Virgin Sacrifice)    
Peabody Ronnie Merit     
Shim Sham      
West Coast Swing      

Night Clubs



Ciro's n/a Panorama Extravaganza
Diana Ballroom            
Golden West Ballroom            
Press Box            
Rag Doll            
Rendezvous Ballroom            
Stardust Ballroom            
Trade Winds            




1956 - Hot Blood Meet Millie 1964 - Art of Teaching Ballroom Dancing
1956 - Rock Around The Clock* 1957 - Let's Dance Show
1956 - Bundle Of Joy 1959 - Eddie La Baron's TV "Latin Fiesta" 1999 - Strictly Swing
1956 - Don't Knock The Rock* (w/ Scrivo) Lindy By Lanza (His Book)
1956 - Cha-Cha-Cha Boom  


1957 - Desk Set   Cha-Cha-Cha Boom
1957 - The Garment Jungle   Don't Knock The Rock
1958 - The Houseboat    
1958 - High School Confidential [DVD]    
1959 - Virgin Sacrifice    

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