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Encarnacion Lopez: La Argentinita

Stage Name

Birth Name

La Argentinita Encarnación López Júlvez
"Queen of the Spanish dance" (Encarnacion Lopez Julvez)

    La Argentinita started doing Spanish dancing at the young age of four with her father segoviano Felix Lopez by her side playing the Guitar. Later going to dance schools and dancing in Cafe's ( Café cantantes) while making her debut in Madrid at six years of age. Later she came to the U.S. making her U.S. debut in Lew Leslie's International Revue at the Majestic Theater in 1930 and unfortunately, the audience walked out during her dance.

    The audience did not appreciate her Spanish dancing ( Due to lack of understanding,) but later the world would clamor to see her dance, She was outstanding. Returning to Spain, Argentinita and Federico García Lorca organized the Madrid Ballet in 1932. 1933 La Argentinita attempted the first large-scale theatrical presentation of an authentic flamenco in Las calles de Cadiz, also in 1939 she collaborated with Massine on Capriccio espagnol.

    While in Spain she met a famous Bullfighter named Ignacio Sanchez Mejías ( Who was married to Dolores Go'mez Ortega,) which Argentinita is rumored to have had an affair, however, it has been written they did not. In 1938, La Argentinita, approached José Greco to audition for her company, which he did join in 1943. Her equally talented sister, Pilar Lopez danced in her company as well.

When Encarnacion died, José Greco and her sister, Pilar Lopez, escorted her body back to Spain. While there, Greco and Pilar formed a new company Ballet Espagnol to carry on the works of Argentinita, they would tour all over Europe.

    Antonia Mercé or better known as La Argentina shared a similar name to Argentinita, however they were two different people. Encarnacion called herself La Argentinita in homage to Anotonia Mercé (La Argentina).

Birth Place

Birth Date



Buenos Aires, Argentina 3/3/1898 - 9/24/1945 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners & Troup*

Music Titles

Ballet Antonio de Triana 1926 - Cadiz (Serenata Española)
Castillian Dance Dorita Ruiz* (1955) 1926 - Sevilla (Albéniz)
El Cafe Chinitas Elvira Real* (1955) 1928 - Cante Jondo(M. Machado & Font de Anta)
Fandango Ernesto Lapena* (1955) 1928 - Tango Rosa(S. Ballesteros - M. & V. Romero)
Flamenco (cuadro flamenco style) Fernanda Antúnez 1935 - Cordoba (Solo Castanets)
Fire Dance Jose de la Vega* (1955) 1935 - La Espana Cante (Solo Castanets)
Jaleo Andaluz José Greco (1938) 1943 - Argentinita Dance Album
Jota of A'Caniz La Maccarona García Lorca ( Piano Player)
Peruvian Huayano La Malena (1933) Gaucho Song
Spanish Paco de Ronda* (1955) Malambo
Tango Pilar Lopez* (Sister) Canciones populares españolas
Tap Rafael Ortega      
  Don Ramon Montoya (1936)    

El Huayno (1942)

Night Clubs


Stage etc.

Princess Restaurant Circo of San Sebastián (1927) 1930 - Leslie's International Revue (1 week)
      Madrilenian Theatre (1932) 1930s - Café de Chinítas ( Chor)
      Majestic Theater - USA 1933 - Las Calles de Cádiz ( Below)
      M.E.T. - USA (1943) 1935 - The Streets Of Cádiz
      Olean Theatre (1939) El Huayno (1942)
      Palace Theatre (1955) 1955 - Ballet Espanol de Pilar Lopez
    Philharmonic (1940) La Castellana ( Chor)
    Poliorama Theater (1934) Ritual Fire Dance
    Theater Champs Elysses (1933)  




1916 - Flor de otoño n/a 1/6/1939 - Olean Times-Herald
1923 - Rosario, la cortijera       11/1939 - Fresno Bee (Lopez, Argentinita and Triana)
1927 - La Hermana San Sulpicio       11/1940 - American Dancer Magazine
1936 - Carmen de la Triana       1942 - Das Unbekannte Spanien (Verlag)
1942 - Spanish Fiesta       1940 - Philharmonic Review San Francisco Opera Assoc. (Book of Programs)
1952 - Duende & Misterio ( Pilar)      
1961 - Quinto año nacional            

  • NOTE: reports her as being Argentinita Vélez (A possibility,) However they list her incorrectly as Antonia Mercé who was La Argentina (Which is another Spanish dancer.)

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