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Stage Name

Birth Name

King Henry VIII Henry Tudor
    Henry was the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry loved to dress up in costume, and did whenever he could, he was very proud of his legs and developed great skill in music, dance and sports. King Henry was over six feet tall, with rich auburn hair, very clear skin, slender waist, and was to many 'the handsomest prince ever seen.'

    Henry was a very active and powerful king. He created the church of England, brought Wales into the union with England, he personally commanded English troops into the battle of the Spurs. His troops defeated and James IV of Scotland at Flodden... and much more.


    He married six times with much being written about he and his wives. Henry married and divorced Catherine of Aragón, ( Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain,) divorced her and then married the pregnant Anne Boleyn in 1533; but had her executed for infidelity. Later, he would marry Catherine Howard, she as well was executed for infidelity in March of 1542.

     Another King that loved to dance was King Louis XIV.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Greenwich Palace 14911547 Catherine of Aragón (m:1509-1533) Mary ( Catherine)
    Anne Boleyn (m:1533-1536) Elizabeth I ( Anne)
      Jane Seymour (m:1536-1537) Edward VI ( Jane)
  Catherine Howard (1540-1542)  
Catherine Parr (m:1543-1547)
Anne of Cleves

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Minuet n/a n/a
Stately Dances            




Holbrien (1537) n/a n/a
Joos Van Cleve (1540)            




2000 - Great Kings of England ...(VIII) n/a $ VIII - King and His Court
A Man for All Seasons       $ The Life of King Henry
            1795 - King Henry by Shakespeare
            1972 - King Henry by Woodward
            1996 - King Henry VIII by Brown


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