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Actor and Dancer Gene Kelly Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Gene Kelly

Eugene Curran Kelly

    Gene Kelly was a very multitalented performer, Actor, Singer, Choreographer and best of all a Dancer. Graduated the University of Pittsburgh (B.A.) and studied dance at his mothers dance school. Kelly directed the Annual Cap and Gown Shows, appeared in Musicals and movies and conducted his own dance school until 1938 and served in the U.S. Navy as a Lieutenant in World War II.

    His choreography was very imaginative and creative. In some scenes he would dance with a newspaper, a cartoon, his shadow, Umbrellas etc. Kelly fused the best of Tap and Jazz with strength and power. Gene Kelly's only screen competition was Fred Astaire, however the two could not be compared.

    Gene Kelly's brother 'Fred Kelly' who was a very talented and accomplished dancer and choreographer as well. Fred taught many famous people to dance and perform. Fred was the the youngest of the "Five Kelly's." Louise Kelly Bailey was Gene Kelly's sister.
Kelly Quote:
'If Fred Astaire is the Carey Grant of dance ... I'm the Marlon Brando'.
( Yeah Baby!)

Birth Place

Birth Date



Pittsburgh, PA. 8/23/1912 - 2/2/1996 Betsy Blair (1940) n/a
   Jeanne Coyne (1960)  
     Patricia Ward (1990)  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Dance Cyd Cherisse $1996 - Gene Kelly at MGM... (CD)
Ballet Dan Dailey  
Ballroom Dances Danny Kaye  
Jazz Fred Astaire  
Jitterbug Jerry the Mouse [Pic]( Cartoon)  
  Judy Garland  
  Leslie Caron  
  Michael Kidd  
  Rita Hayworth  
  Shirley Paige  
  Tamara Toumanova  
  Van Johnson  
  Vera Ellen  

Night Clubs



Diamond Horseshoe (1940) n/a 1940 - Pal Joey
       1942 - Me and My Gal
       1936 - One For The Money
       Flower Drum Song ( Chor)
       1973 - Clowning' Around




$1942 - For Me and My Gal ( Garland) n/a 5/29/1944 - Life Magazine
$1943 - As Thousands Cheer (Powell)     3/1946 - Theater Arts Magazine
$1943 - DuBarry Was A Lady ( Ball)     8/9/1954 - Life Magazine
$1944 - Cover Girl ( Hayworth)     10/1960 - Ballroom Dance Mag.
1944 - Cross of Lorraine     $GK - A Life of Dance and Dreams
$1945 - Anchors Aweigh ( Sinatra)     $ Gene Kelly Bio ( Book)
$1946 - Ziegfeld Follies ( Astaire, etc.)     $ Gene Kelly: A Celebration
1947 - Living In A Big Way     $ Films of Gene Kelly ( Book)
1947 - The Pirate     
$1948 - Words and Music ( Ellen, Horne)     
$1949 - On The Town        
$1949 - Take Me Out To The Ball game ( Sinatra)      
$1950 - Summer Stock ( Garland)       
$1951 - An American In Paris(w/ Caron) <--Note: Kelly and Chorus Line did the Moon Walk in this film
$1952 - Singin' In The Rain [ DVD]       
$1954 - Brigadoon ( Charisse, Van Johnson)       
1954 - Deep In My Heart       
$1955 - It's Always Fair Weather ( Dailey, Kidd, Charisse)     
$1956 - Invitation To The Dance ( Toumanova)      
$1957 - Les Girls ( Barrie Chase)       
$1958 - Marjorie Morningstar ( Wood)       
$1968 - Young Girls at Rochefort ( Chakiris)       
$1969 - Hello Dolly ( Director)       
$1974 - That's Entertainment       
$1976 - That's Entertainment II       
$1980 - Xanadu       
$1994 - That's Entertainment III       
$2002 - Kelly... Anatomy of a Dancer       


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