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Juliet Prowse dancing

Stage Name

Birth Name

Juliet Prowse Juliet Prowse

          Born in India and raised in Africa to South African parents, Juliet studied to be a dancer from the age of 4. Attending the Royal Academy of Dance, by the time Juliet was 14, she was deemed too tall at just under six feet to enter the world of ballet. She signed as a chorus dancer with the London Palladium and then pursued a career as a dancer in European nightclubs.

    While dancing in Paris, she was spotted by Hollywood choreographer Hermes Pan and signed to a role in the movie 'Can-Can (1960)'. While rehearsing for the movie, Soviet Premier Khrushchev was invited to watch the then unknown Prowse and others rehearsing their steps. The next day, he denounced the dance as immoral and it was Prowse's photo that accompanied the news across newspapers worldwide.

    An instant celebrity, Juliet shot to stardom with her acting and dancing and the tabloids filled with her romance/ Engagement with star Frank Sinatra. That same year, she also appeared with Elvis Presley in "G. I. Blues" (1960) and had a short but sexually charged affair with him and again the tabloids followed her ...

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Juliet Prowse Autograph

    Juliet was an avid Mambo, Swing and West Coast Swing dancer as well, and visited many local clubs with another Actor, dancer friend, Dennis Cole to dance during the 1970's and 1980's. During the 1980's, she could be seen co hosting, along with Ron Montez on the Arthur Murray Ballroom Championships and Star-Ball Ballroom Dance Championships on national Television.

    The clip on the left below features Juliet Prowse dancing a night club Big Band East Coast Swing number and the right features Dean Martin and Juliet dancing on the Dean Martin Show entitled  "The Dance Lesson."   In 1994 Juliet would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. she succumbed to the disease in 1996 at age 59.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Bombay, Maharashtra, India
9/25/1936 - 9/14/1996 Eddie Frazier (1969) Seth McCook
    John McCook (1972)      


Dance Types

Dance Partners, etc.

Music Titles

Apache Dance Dean Martin n/a
Ballet Sal Mineo      
Ballroom Shirley MacLaine      
Can-Can Tony Charmoli    
Jazz Dance          
West Coast Swing          

Night Clubs



Various Vegas Clubs London Hippodrome Irma La Douce
1964 - Persian Room (Plaza Hotel) Theatre Royal - Drury Lane (1969) Kismet
      Winter Garden (New York) Mame
            Pajama Game
            1962 - Eddie Fisher at the Winter Garden
            1965 - Mona McCluskey
            1967 - Sweet Charity




1960 - Can-Can [DVD] (danced the Can-Can) 1962 - Andy William's Show 6/1960 - Playboy Magazine
1960 - G.I. Blues [ DVD] 1962 - Frank Sinatra Show 4/1962 - Motion Picture Mag
1961 - Fiercest Heart, The 9/14/1962 - Red Skelton Hour 12/26/1964 - TV Guide Magazine
1961 - Right Approach, The 1967 - Juliet Prowse Special 9/26/1965 - L'Europeo Mag
1961 - Second Time Around, The Star Ball Ballroom Championships 6/1966 - Pagent Magazine
1965 - Dingaka $1970 - Elvis: That's the Way It Is 4/1967 - Coronet Magazine
1966 - Moglie Americana, Una The Best Of The Muppet Show      
1967 - Spree            
Who Killed Teddy Bear (danced w/ Sal Mineo)        


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