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The Lovely Jane Powell

Stage Name

Birth Name

Jane Powell Suzanne Burce
"The Standing Room Only Girl"  
       Soprano Singer, Theater and Motion Picture Actress and Dancer. Powell began her singing career on a Portland Oregon radio show ( K-OIN) at the young age of seven and would later be hired to sing on the Charlie McCarthy Show. While on vacation in Hollywood, she sang and won a local radio contest and within a week was signed to MGM Studios, she was only 14 years old. Upon entering Motion Pictures she sang and would dance in a few of them with such notables as Lauritz Melchior, Ricardo Montalban and Fred Astaire.

    Powell does a spectacular dance sequence at the end of "Nancy Goes to Rio" to the music of "Love is Like This." She also did a really great dance with a chinese child "Why So Gloomy" for the film "Holiday in Mexico" which was unfortunately cut from the final release but has been played on TCM.

    Jane also did magazine ads for Lustre Cream Shampoo, Sunkist lemons and Lux Soap plus others. Powell had four children.[ More Photos]

Birth Place

Birth Date



Portland, OR 4/1/1929 Gearry Steffen (1949) Geary Jr.
    Patrick Nerney (1954) Suzanne Ileen
      Jim Fitzgerald (1965) Lindsey Averill
      David Parlour (1978)  
      Dick Moore (1988)  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Fred Astaire $2001 - Romance: A Date with J. Powell
Tap Lauritz Melchior (waltzed) $2001 - A Heart That's Free
Waltz Ricardo Montalban      

Night Clubs



n/a n/a Carousel
            Girl Next Door, the
            How She Grew
            I Do, I Do
            Irene (1973)
            Jane Powell Show
            My Fair Lady
            Sound of Music
            South Pacific
        Unsinkable Molly Brown (1963)




1942 - Two Weeks with Love 1948 - Toast of the Town 10/9/1946 - Life Magazine
1944 - Song of the Open Road 1956 - Steve Allen Show 7/1949 - Photoplay Mag
$1945 - Delightfully Dangerous 1957 - Alcoa Theater 11/1949 Motion Picture Mag
$1946 - Holiday in Mexico 1957 - Goodyear Theater 9/9/1946 - Life Magazine
$1948 - A Date with Judy 1958 - Gary Moore Show 2/1951 - Photoplay Mag
$1948 - Three Daring Daughters 1959 - Bell Telephone Hour 1954 - Movie Play Mag ( Pinup)
$1949 - Luxury Liner 1959 - Dupont Show 4/3/1954 - Picturegoer Magazine
$1950 - Nancy Goes to Rio 1959 - Meet Me in St. Louis 6/1954 - Screen Stories mag (Cover)
$1950 - Two Weeks without Love 1961 - Dick Powell Show 1955 - Feminidades y Labores
$1951 - Rich Young and Pretty 1962 - Andy William's Show 6/1956 - Modern Screen Magazine
$1951 - Royal Wedding ( W/ Astaire) 1963 - Judy Garland Show 1988 - The Girl Next Door ( Bio)
$1953 - Small Town Girl 1965 - Dean Martin Show  
1953 - Three Sailors and a Girl 1988 - Music, Memories ...  
$1954 - Athena Perry Como Show      
$1954 - Deep In My Heart Victor Borge Show      
$1954 - Seven Brides for Seven Bro's.          
$1955 - Hit The Deck ( Ann miller)            
1957 - The Girl Most Likely            
1958 - Enchanted Island            
$1974 - That's Entertainment            
$1985 - That's Dancing            


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