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Macdonald and Chevalier

Stage Name

Birth Name

Jeanette MacDonald Jeanette Anna MacDonald

    The youngest of the three daughters of Daniel and Anna Wright MacDonald. She started her career as a child Tap dancer, training with the Al White Studio at the age six and later worked in chorus lines. In November of 1919 Jeanette moved to New York and joined her older sister, 'Blossom,' by working in the chorus of Ned Wayburn's presentation of The Demi-Tasse Revue. Ned Wayburn was the main way to get into show business at the time.

    She later turned to around 1922 by singing in 1922 by singing in the Greenwich Village revue, "Fantastic Fricassee." during her singing career she would obtain three Gold Records and recorded more than 90 songs during her singing career. But she did not stop there, she became a beautiful operatic singer (eventually becoming one of most influential sopranos of the 20th century,) and then moving on to becoming an actress (four Oscar nominations for Best Picture).

    Her first movie role was as a chorus girl in the 1927 film "the Magic Ring," which prior she starred in the stage version. Her first 'major movie role' was also in 1929 "The Love Parade" which made her a star. During the war she performed for the troops in USO Shows and was even in a movie which actually used real footage of her performing in "For The Boys." MacDonald also did regular concert tours between her films.

Jeanettes Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Philadelphia, PA 6/18/1903 - 1/14/1965 Gene Raymond n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles, CD's

Ballroom Fred Astaire $ The Cocktail Hour CD
Chorus Maurice Chevalier (pictured) $ One Hour With You CD
Merry Widow Waltz (w/ Chevalier) Nelson Eddy (yes danced) Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (went gold)
Spanish   Beyond the Blue Horizon
Tap   Donkey Serenade, the
    Dream Lover
    I'm Falling in Love with Someone
    I'll See You In My Dreams
    Indian Love Call
    Italian Street Song (went gold)
    Lover, Come Back to Me
    March of the Grenadiers
    Neath the Southern Moon
    One Kiss
    Spring Is Here
    Tramp, Tramp
    Wanting You
    Will You Remember (went gold)

Night Clubs



Cocoanut Grove, the (Los Angeles) Liberty Theatre (1925) Wayburn's "Demi-Tasse Revue" (1919)
The Sands Hotel (Las Vegas) Erlanger Theater (1951) Irene (1920)
The Sahara Hotel (Las Vegas) Starlight Theatre (1956) Night Boat (1920)
    Tangerine (1921)
    Fantastic Fricassee (1923) as singer
    The Magic Ring (1923)
    Gershwin's 'Tip Toes' (1925)
    Bubblin' Over (1926)
    Yes, Yes, Yvette (1927)
    Shubert's 'Sunny Days' (1928)
    Angela (1928)
    Boom Boom (1929)
    Bittersweet (1950's)
    Guardsman, the (1951)
    The King and I (1956)




1927 - The Magic Ring This Is Your Life (1952) $ Hollywood Diva: J. MacDonald
1929 - The Love Parade Prima Donna (1956) $ JM: The Irving Stone Letters
1930 - Let's Go Native Charley's Aunt (1957) $ Sweetheart: The Timeless Love
Affair JM & Nelson Eddy
$1930 - Lottery Bride  
1930 - Monte Carlo   $ The Complete Films of JM
1930 - Paramount Parade, the   5/1932 - True Confession's Magazine
1930 - Vagabond King, the   12/1932 - Picture Play Magazine
1932 - Lottery Bride, the    
1932 - Love Me Tonight   4/1933 - The New Movie Magazine
1932 - One Hour With You   11/1935 - Modern Screen Magazine
$1934 - Cat and the Fiddle   1936 - Cinemonde Magazine
$1934 - The Merry Widow (danced)
(aka La Veuve Joyeuse)


1/1940 - Cinelandia Magazine

$1936 - Naughty Murietta 1929 - Publix Hour      
$1936 - Rose Marie 1930 - Vicks Open House (her show)      
$1936 - San Francisco 1957 - The Big Record      
$1937 - Fire Fly, the 1957 - Playhouse 90      
$1937 - Maytime Electric Hour, the      
$1938 - Broadway Serenade Lux Radio Theater, the      
$1938 - Girl of the Golden West Kraft Music Hall, the      
$1938 - Sweethearts            
$1940 - Bittersweet (danced)            
$1940 - New Moon            
$1942 - Cairo            
$1944 - Follow The Boys            
1948 - The Sun Comes Up            
$1948 - Three Daring Daughters            
1965 - The Love Goddess            
$1976 - That's Entertainment II            
$1994 - That's Entertainment III        


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