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Lindy dancer: Jewel McGowen Publicity Still

Stage Name

Birth Name

Jewel McGowen Jewel Eleanor McGowen

       Jewel grew up was born in San Francisco but grew up in Southern California. She was a natural to swing dance as well as being beautiful and sexy. During the 1940s, Jewel would dance in many contests with Dean Collinsas well as perform with him in motion pictures. Jewel danced with Dean Collins for over ten years on and off the screen. Jewel has been said to be 'the greatest female swing dancer that ever lived.'

  She was described as a quiet girl with a nice demeanor. Her style can be seen in many swing dance movies of the past, as well as in many swing dancers of today, emulating her unique style, today known as 'Hollywood style'. Her cool relaxed style and smooth movement made her a joy to watch. Jewel's unique "Switches" were unmatchable. Jewel was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Famein 1990 (Stellar Star Award.) Jewel passed away from cancer in 1962. She is interred at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, Ca.

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Birth Place

Birth Date



San Francisco, CA 3/30/1921-1962 Klarence Krone n/a
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Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Bill Alcorn Bounce Me Brother with a Solid Four
(Hollywood Style) Lindy Hop Dean Collins Casa Loma Stomp
Hula ('Hilo Hattie' film) Jack Cole(danced and dated) Chool Song, the
Jitterbug       Hold That Tiger
West Coast Swing            

Night Clubs



Rag Doll Club (CA) n/a n/a
Prelude, The (CA)            
Tail Spin, The (CA)         
Golden West Club (CA)         

Casa Loma Orchestra: Dean and Jewel  





Clip Not Available. 1940 - Hold That Tiger (W/Collins) 1941 - Playmates (Heffner) n/a
Video Clip
1940 - Let's Make Music(w/ Bertha, but No Jewel) 1993 - In the Kingdom of Swing     
Clip Not Available. 1941 - Always A Bridesmaid(dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1941 - Buck Privates(w/Collins)        
Video Clip
1941 - Dance Hall (dancer)            
Video Clip
1941 - Jazzy Joe (dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1941 - Pot O' Gold (dancer) |DVD|        
Clip Not Available. 1941 - The Get Away (dancer)        
Video Clip
1941 - Jazzy Joe(w/ Collins)        
Video Clip
1942 - Chool Song(Minuet and Swing)w/ Collins        
Clip Not Available. 1942 - Here We Go Again (dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1942 - Hi Neighbor (dancer w/Collins)        
Video Clip
1942 - Powers Girl, the(Umbrella scene)w/ Collins       
Clip Not Available. 1942 - Ride 'Em Cowboy(w/ Collins)        
Clip Not Available. 1942 - Rings On Her Fingers (w/Collins) FOX Film        
Clip Not Available. 1942 - Springtime In The Rockie's        
Video Clip
1943 - Jive Junction (dancer)       
Clip Not Available. 1943 - Kid Dynamite(dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1943 - Young Ideas (dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1945 - Let's Go Steady (dancer) Baby Boogie song        
Video Clip
1945 - Sensations of 1945(dancer)        
Clip Not Available. 1945 - Ten Cents a Dance (aspat)        
Video Clip
1945 - Junior Prom(W/Collins)        
Clip Not Available. 1946 - Talk About A Lady (dancer)        
Video Clip
1951 - Ghost Catchers (dancer)  |DVD|        
Video Clip
1954 - ?Living It Up? (dancer)        
Video Clip
Casa Loma Orchestra (w/Collins)      


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