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Johnny Downes with unknown partner

Stage Name

Birth Name

Johnny Downes John Morey Downs

    Johnny Downes was The son of a Naval officer who became an Actor and dancer in a few of his Films. Johnny Downs was also a 'Little Rascal' in the Our Gang Comedies in the 1920's. Following the Our Gang series, Downs made 24 short-subject series films (soundies) until 1927. He then continued to work on his dancing and singing skills on the vaudeville stage, working prominently on Broadway until returning to Hollywood in 1934. Downs became a fixture of the "college musical" movie cycle of the late 1930s.

    One of his outstanding cameo appearances is his performance in Rhapsody in Blue: The George Gershwin Story (1945) where he dances to Robert Alda's piano playing of "Swanee". Downs made a short comeback in doing bit parts in the early 1950s. Despite never making it big, he has almost 100 movie credits to his name. Downs died of cancer in June 1994 in Coronado, California.

Johnny Downes Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Brooklyn, NY 10/10/1913 - 6/6/1994 June Mary, Claudia
      John Jr., Mollie, Maureen

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Jitterbug Betty Grable ?Ro-Ro Rollin Along?
Mambo Dorothy Dare      
Square Dance            

Night Clubs



n/a Majestic Theare (1933) 1933 - Strike Me Pink

Partial Films



$1928 - The Crowd (kid) The Johnny Downs Show (50's/60's) n/a
$1934 - March of the Wodden Soldiers            
1935 - College Scandal            
1935 - Pirate Party on Catalina Isle            
$1936 - Arizona Raiders            
1936 - College Holliday (w/ DaPron)            
1936 - First Baby, the (w/ Dixie Dunbar)        
$1936 - Pigskin Parade (w/ Dixie Dunbar)            
1937 - Bad Boy            
$1938 - Algiers [ DVD]            
1938 - Swing Sister, Swing            
1938 - Hold That Co-ed            
1940 - Melody and Moonlight            
1940 - Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot            
$1941 - Adam Had Four Sons            
$1941 - All American Co-ed            
1941 - I Dont Want To Set The World On Fire (16mm)            
1941 - The Mad Monster [ DVD]            
1942 - Freckles Comes Home            
$1943 - Adventures of the Flying Cadet            
1944 - Trocadero            
$1945 - Rhapsody In Blue            
1949 - Square Dance Jubilee            


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