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John Jarrot & Louise Alexander

Stage Name

Birth Name

John Jarrot

John Jarrot

   John Jarrot was not the most famous of the Cabaret dancers in the 1910's but was very popular as a dancer through different reasons. First he partnered with many famous female dancers of the day such as Louise Alexander, Louise Greunning, Mae Murray and Ivy and Joan Sawyer.

    John's main partner in musical comedies was off and on for many years was Ivy Sawyer until she married Joseph Santley. They made their Broadway debut together in 1916 and appeared in the famous Irving Berlin "Music Box Revues" of the 1920's.

   Mr. Jarrot had an outgoing and fun personality and he loved to dance. In 1909, at Rey Jones Cafe, Jarrot and Louise Greunning introduced two dances that caught on with the public called the Turkey Trot and the Grizzly Bear dance.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Chicago, IL? 1883 - 6/14/1938 n/a 1 Daughter

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Dance Ivy Sawyer n/a
Ballroom Dances Joan Sawyer      
Grizzly Bear Louise Alexander ( pictured )      
Texas Tommy Louise Greunning      
Turkey Trot Mae Murray      

Night Clubs



Rey Jones Cafe Knickerbocker Theatre (1908) 1908 - The Yankee Prince
            Music Box Revue's (1920's)




1916 - The Scarlett Road n/a 8/11/1944 - Yank Magazine (Pin-Up)
1946 - Tars and Spars       1945 - Picturegoer Magazine
The Fuller Brush Man     8/9/1946 - V Magazine
Something To Shout About     9/24/1956 - Life Magazine
Tonight and Every Night     12/1957 - Theatre World Magazine

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