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Roberto Iglesias and Aida Ramirez Spanish Flamenco Gypsy Dancers

Stage Name

Birth Name

Roberto and Aida

Roberto Iglesias

  Aida Ramirez
       Roberto's father was a well known artist and his grandfather was the President of Guatemala and Roberto himself of Spanish ancestry. During a political upheaval, the family moved to Mexico when he was a child. As a child Roberto wanted to be a bullfighter and during an injury, it was suggested he take up dancing to improve his Bull fighting. Moving to San Francisco, he studied Ballet and 'Character Dance'.

     Roberto became a member of the San Francisco "Corps de Ballet" and from 19471949 danced with the " Rosario and Antonio Troupe." Roberto started his own small touring
company and toured the country. Many of his Concerts were titled "Selecciones de Ballet Espanol." He was asked And accepted to dance with Rosario when the team of Rosario and Antonio dissolved their partnership. Roberto married his dance partner Aida Ramirez.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Guatemala (I) 6/11/1920 -2/7/1998 Aida Ramirez n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Anna Maria n/a
Character Corps de Ballet      
Flamenco Rosario Perez      
Jota Maruja Sanchez, Juan Carlos, Pepe Segundo, Leo Heredia(sp?)      

Night Clubs



n/a Broadway Theatre (1958) Performed at the "92nd Street "Y"
        1953 - Recitales de Danzas de Espana (Madrid)
        1958 - Ballet Español (Chor & Directed)
        1958 - Roberto Iglesias Spanish Ballet (Celebrity Series of Boston)
        1959 - Carmel Music Society
        1961 - OSU Allied Arts Events
        Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal




1958 - Amore a prima vista Family Affair (2/10/1969 Lost In Spain pt1) n/a
1963 - Fun In Acapulco    
1968 - Todo por Nada    
1970 - Vuelve el ojo de vidrio    

  • NOTE: Sol Hurok national tour of Roberto Iglesias Ballet.

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