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Promotional photo of Betty Hutton

Stage Name

Birth Name

Betty Hutton Elizabeth June Thornburg
    Actress Betty Hutton was not really a dancer rather a film Actress/Singer but did do some wild and eccentric dancing in the "Broadway Highlights video" as well as a featured 'Jitterbug dancer' ( Was good) in the 1939 Vitaphone Short Subject film and a few others.

   Betty grew up in poverty and at nine years old Betty began singing publicly for the first time in a school production. By the age of thirteen betty would be singing with a few local bands in her area. Later moving to New York, she headed for Broadway. This would lead her to Hollywood where she would appear in a few musical shorts and

Was signed up by Paramount Studios where she made her major film debut in the 1942 film "THE FLEET'S IN." Betty also had a nightclub act. She got her big break by getting herself tied to the railroad tracks as Pearl White, in "The Perils of Pauline series."

    Betty also did the Magazine adv's for Jergan's Soap, Lipton Soup, Max Factor, Royal Crown Soda, Overglo Makeup, Stetson Hats and Chesterfield Cigarettes.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Battle Creek, MI. 2/26/1921 Ted Briskin (1945) n/a
        Charles O'Curran (1952)      
          Alan W. Livingston (1955)      
          Peter Candoli (1960)      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Chazz Chase Rumble, Rumble, Rumble
Jitterbug Fred Astaire BH: Best Of RCA Years (CD)
Shag Hal Leroy It Had To Be You
  Ralph Meeker Saints and Sinners Ball, at the (CD)

Night Clubs



n/a 46th Street Theatre (1940) 1940 - Panama Hattie
  Booth Theatre (1940) 1940 - Two For The Show
  Mark Hellinger Theatre (1965) 5/1951 - Let's Dance
        1952/3 - Betty Hutton and her All Star Int'l Show
        1965 - Fade Out - Fade In
        1983 - Annie




1930 - Broadway Highlights 0f 1930 1954 - Satin and Spurs 8/1944 - Photoplay Mag
1939 - Vitaphone Public 'Jitterbug' #1 1959 - The Betty Hutton Show 8/1946 - Movies Mag
1939 - One for the Book 1961 - Kraft Music Hall 10/11/1946 Confidenz di Liala
1939 - Three Kings and a Queen       8/1946 - Movies Mag
1942 - The Fleets In       11/19/1950 - Bolero Mag
$1943 - Star Spangled Rhythm       3/1951 - Photoplay Mag
$1944 - Here Comes The Waves       $ The Hutton Story (Yeagor)
$1944 - Pin Up Girl        
1945 - Incendiary Blonde        
1944 - Miracle of Morgan's Creek        
$1945 - Stork Club        
1947 - Dream Girl        
$1947 - Perils of Pauline        
$1948 - Luxury Liner        
1949 - Red, Hot and Blue        
$1950 - Annie Get Your Gun        
$1950 - Let's Dance        
1951 - Sailor Beware        
$1952 - Greatest Show on Earth        
1957 - Spring Reunion        

NOTE: Her sister Marion would work with Betty in nightclubs at a young age

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