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Gertrude Hoffman Girls wit Gertrude Hoffman

Stage Name

Birth Name

Gertrude Hay Hoffman Kitty Hayes
Gertrude Hoffman  
The "Woman Reinhardt"  

   Founder and choreographer for the 'Hoffman Girls.' The 'Hoffman Glide' ( A social dance) was named after her. Her choreography and special dance effects brought her high praise. In 1912 she starred in The New York Winter Garden Company of 125 Performance at The Parson's Theater, Springfield, MA. Thursday, Jan. 30.

   Famous for her role as well as her dancing in Salome. Later, for a brief period in her career, Gertrude would do impersonations of various actors and dancers such as Cohen, Tanquay, Foy, Held, Barrymore etc., which was highly popular at the time, so much so that one

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Cited it as "the great army" of mimics who descended upon the vaudeville stage beginning in the early 1900s.

   Gertrude helped to make Salome a popular role in the early 1900's. She stated in an Article that she patterned Salome after Maude Allen's (2/26/1909 - Cass City Chronicle.) However, there was quite a stir with her "Vision of Salome costume at many theatre houses. In Kansas City, her show was stopped due to her indecent dancing and costume, or almost lack therof, one Jackson county judge is qouted as saying "Obnoxious to public morals" and "replete with immoral suggestions and ought not to be tolerated in a Christian community."

   The Gertrude Hoffman Girls were a Tiller type formation group that used a type of athletic acrobatic transformation of the chorus girl with kicks, leaps etc. Hoffman was once in a law suit by Gregory C. Gusman ( A dance teacher) over the teaching of the Rumba to the girls which they won. There was another Gertrude Hoffmann that was an German American Actress about the same time.  

Birth Place

Birth Date



? ? Max Hoffmann ?

Dance Types


Music Titles

Ballet Dolly White A bunch of Rags
Belly Dance Hoffman Girls Bom-Ba-Shay
The Hoffman Glide Julian Eltinge Don't Care (Salome)
Modern Dance Theodore Kosloff Heaven Born Banner, the (1906)
Rumba (she learned it from: Rita and Fito) Richard Ordynski (Sumurun) Hoffmann Glide, Gertruse (Max Hoffman, 1912)
Salome       In Washington (Lyrics 1906 Ziegfeld)
        Kiss, Kiss, Kiss (1910)
        Linda Lee (Sheet Music Cover)   
        On San Francisco Bay (1907 Gertrude)
        Sadie, My Creole Lady (Gertrude on cover 1902)
        Take Me To The Swanee Shore (1912)

Night Clubs



Winter Garden 44th Street Theatre (1927) 1903 - Punch and Judy Co.
Casino de Paris, NY* ( The girls) Aerial Gardens (1907) 1903 - The Billionaire
      Alhambra (London 1913) 1904 - Down The Pike
      Liberty Theatre (1905) 1904 - Me, Him and I
      Lyric Theatre (1913) 1905 - Duke of Duluth, the
      New Amsterdam Theatre (1906) 1905 - Moonshine (Chor)
      Orpheum Theater III (9/29/1907) 1905 - Tom, Dick and Harry
      Palace Theatre (Sumurun) 1905 - When We were Forty-One
      Paradise Roof Theatre (1903) 1906 - The Man From Now (Music)
      Parson's Theater 1906 - The Persian Model
    Vancouver Opera House 1907 - The Honeymooners
      Winter Garden Theatre (1912) 1907 - Salome
        1907 - Ziegfeld Follies of 1907
        1912 - Broadway to Paris, From (w/ Max)
        1913 - The Apollos (London)
        1925 - Artists and Models (the girls )
        1926 - A Night in Spain (also Directed)
        1930 - Vanities of 1930 (June 7th)
        1957 - La Saison des Ballets Russes
        Danse le revue* ( The girls)
        Her Husband's Wife
        Cléopâtre (Ballet w/ Hosloff)
        Sumurun (Arabian Nights)

Gertrude Hoffman Girls / Dancers

Billy Macon (Lyric 1913) Gertrude Roland (Lyric 1913) Marguerette Crittenden (Lyric 1913)
Catherine Wilson (Lyric 1913) Helen Kerlin (Lyric 1913) Marjorie Roland (Lyric 1913)
Deforest La Fleur (Lyric 1913) Jack Clinton (Lyric - revue 1913) Mildred La Gay (Lyric 1913)
Doris Lloyd (Lyric 1913) Julia Carle (Lyric 1913) Olga Zalceff (sp?) (Lyric 1913)
Emma Cunningham (Lyric 1913) Lee Chapin (Lyric 1913) Rochen Baker (Lyric 1913)
Evelyn Hall (Lyric - revue 1913) Lillian Drewry (Lyric 1913) Stafford Pemberton (Lyric - revue 1913)




  1952 - My Little Margie 2/26/1909 - Cass City Chronicle
  1955 - Alfed Hitchcock Presents 3/2/1909 - Kansas City Journal (rebuttal)
  1958 - Schlitz Playhouse 3/5/1909 - Kansas City Journal (banned)
        4/14/1910 - Boston Tech Newspaper
      2/27/1914 - Photoplay Magazine
      8/11/1918 - Vanity Magazine

NOTE: Gertrude loved Harley Davidson Motorcycles, she purchased one. Llora (Lora) Hoffman may be related?

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