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Herodias By Guavure
Characterization of Herodias

Stage Name

Birth Name

Herodias Herodias
   Herodias is mainly known for incest and the beheading of John the Baptist of Biblical passages. After the death of Herod the Great, Palestine was divided into four parts with Herod Antipas being appointed the ruler of Galilee by Augustus.

   Herodias was the daughter of Aristobulus, who was the son of Herod the Great and Marianne, who was the a descendent of the famous Hasmonean hero ... Machabee. Herodias married her uncle Herod "Phillip"with whom she had a daughter named Salome. Herodias left her husband Phillip to have an incestuous affair with another uncle by the name of Herod "Antipas"who was Tetrarch of all Galilee ( Jos., Ant. XVIII, v. 1,4.)
      Because of her affair with Antipas, Herodias would soon come to hate John the Baptist for his public disgust of the affair and want him silenced. Antipas is said to have liked John, but loved to watch Salome dance and offered her anything to watch her perform for him. Herodias proded Antipas relently to do something about John the Baptisit but generally got nowhere. Salome conferred with her mother who asked her to do the deed. The deed was Salome requested the head of John the Baptist for her mother Herodias. ( Matthew, XIV, 312 an Mark, VI, 17-29) during a banquet on his birthday, because he gave his word of "Anything," he reluctantly agreed. (Note: This story is at times debateable, but this is the historic biblical version in a nutshell.)

Birth Place

Birth Date



?Galilee? n/a Herod Phillip See Salome Page

Associated Dance Types

Salome Dancers

Music Titles

Belly Dance See Salome Page See Salome Page
Dance of the 7 Veils (see Belly Dance) Maude Allen $ Strauss: Salome CD
Veil Dance (see belly dance) Nazimova ( Poster)      
      Rita Hayworth (1953)      
      Teresa Stratas      
      Yvonne DeCarlo (1945)      




Gravure (1890) See Salome Page See Salome Page
Henri G. Regnault       1918 & 1922 - Salome (Oscar Wilde's)
Jan van Troyen (1650's)       (Wilde wrote it in 1892, Strauss in 1905)
Leonardo da Vinci        




See Salome Herodias - Paul Delaroche
Bible, The ( Matthew and Mark)
1923 - Salome ( Nazimova) $ Herod Antipas (Hoener)
$1945 - Salome Where She Danced       $ Herod the Great (Ancient Bio's, #1)
$ 1951 - Fate of John The Baptist       $ Herodias (Mallarme)
$ 1953 - Salome (Hayworth)       $ Salome (Oscar Wilde)
$ 1961 - King of Kings [ DVD]       $ Salome (Wilde & Beardsley's)
$1973 - Clive Barkers Salome [ DVD]       $ Salome in Full Score (Strauss)
$ 1974 - Salome (Stratas)       See Salome Page 
1981 - Salome ( Italian)            
$1987 - Salome (Ciampa)            
$ 1988 - Salome's Last Dance [ DVD]            
$1990 - Salome (erotic-Strauss)            
$ 1992 - Salome [ DVD]            
$ 1997 - Salome (Malfitano)            
$ 1998 - John The Baptist            

NOTE: Agrippa was the brother of Herodias who later became King.

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