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Stage Name

Birth Name

Henry 'RubberLegs' Williams

Henry Brady Williams


    Henry got his nickname by doing a dance style called ' Legomania', which made him look as if he had rubber legs which described his style of dance. Started dancing for tips at Lizzie Murphy's Sporting House singing and dancing to the blues when he was just a kid and later as a "Pick" on some Vaudeville stage shows. At age sixteen he went on the Minstrel road with Bobby Grant's Female Impersonators.

    Doing anything he could to make a name for himself and show his skills, at age sixteen he would join a traveling Minstrel show called ' Bobby Grants Female impersonators' as a dancer. While touring with this show he would enter local Cakewalk and Charleston dance contests with his own pianist Eddie Heywood Sr. where he became a champion. Henry says that "he was pretty good cakewalker who won most of the time." Later Henry put together his own vaudeville act for the T.O.B.A. circuit.

    "Rubberlegs" Williams used a variety in his acts. He combined eccentric dancing with High Kicks, Wiggles and Shimmies along with the Camel Walk, The Grind, the Boogie Woogie, The Strut and Truckin' etc. Many chorus lines of the day would also used the style of Williams.

    Williams was also a singer who became a Blues Shouter and recorded a few songs with such bands as Clyde Hart's ALL STARS and Miles Davis and supplied the vocals for Dizzy Gillespie "Hot House" on 1/4/1945 New York recordings.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Atlanta, Georgia 7/14/1907 - 10/17/1962 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Black Bottom Eddie Heywood Sr. (Pianist) $ 4 F Blues
Cakewalk       Bring It On Home
Camel Walk, the       Continental Blues
Charleston     Deep Sea Blues
Eccentric     Did You Ever Get To Thinking
Grind, the     Empty Red Blues
Legomania     $ G I Blues
Mooch, the     Going Back To Washington
Pasmala, the     $ I Ain´t Gonna' Marry
Shimmie, the     I Want Every Bit Of It
Strut, the     Pointless Mama Blues
Truckin'     $ Susie Bee Blues
      That's The Blues (Continental #6013) Hart
      $ That´s The Stuff You Gotta Watch
      $ What's The Matter Now (Continental #6013) Hart
      Worried Life Blues
      $ CD: Obscure Blues Shouters Vol.2

Music Titles

      Rubberlegs (Ragged Edges)
      Rubberlegs (Studio 54 Remix)
      Son Of Rubberlegs (Ragged Edges)

Night Clubs


Stage / Shows

Cotton Club 9/14/1935 - Chicago Defender (Letter) Blackbirds of 1933
Lizzie Murphy's Sporting House   Brazilian Nuts, Naomi Thomas's (1926)
        Shuffle Along (1933)
        Social Whirl, the (1906)
        Sunshine Exposition Show (1922)  
        Walk Together Chillun (1936)



Musicians using Willams as Vocalist

1933 - Smash Your Baggage n/a Clyde Hart's ALL STARS
            Miles Davis: First Miles (Album)


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