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McIntyre and Heath

Stage Name

Birth Name

Heath and McIntyre

James McIntyre


Thomas K. Heath

     Dancers and musical comedy stars. Perhaps the most famous Tap dancing team was McIntyre and Heath. They joined forces in the spring of 1874 in San Antonio, Texas. In 1880, McIntyre claimed that he and Heath, were the first to introduce the syncopated buck and wing on the New York stage .

   McIntyre told a reporter that he had learned it by " Watching Negro's in the South soon after the Civil War." The song that was used for this Buck and Wing was called "the Rabbit" and the team introduced their number at Tony Pastor's Theater in New York in 1879. McIntyre also claimed that this was the first time ragtime had been presented on the legitimate stage ( From Tap Roots Book.) Heath passed away in 1938 in Setauket, N.Y.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Kenosha, Wisconsin (M) 8/8/1857-???? n/a n/a
Philadelphia (H) 8/11/1852 - 8/18/1938 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Buck and Wing n/a the Rabbit
Tap Dance            

Night Clubs



n/a Circle Theatre (1909) 1905 - The Ham Tree
  New York Theatre (1905) 1909 - In Hayti
  Percy Williams Theatre (1910) 1922 - Red Pepper
  Shubert Theatre (1922)  
      Tony Pastor's Theatre      




n/a n/a 5/25/1910 - NY Times section
            1964 - Jazz Dance - Marshall Stearns
          2002 - Tap Roots: The Early History of ...


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