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Paul and Grace Hartman

Stage Name

Birth Name

The Hartman's

Paul Hartman

Grace Barrett
   "This Ballroom team specialized in satire," that was the term used to describe the Hartman's. Grace started dancing with the Ruth St. Denis school, then joined up with the Ferris Hartman Comic Opera Company where she met Paul, a member of the company since childhood. Paul performed with The Albertina Rasch dancers and after their marriage, they formed a serious dance team called "Hartman and Barrett." They married sometime in the late 1920's. They made their Broadway debut together in Ballyhoo of 1932.

   They went on to tour England, France, Egypt, India, China, Japan, U.S. etc. During this time they turned to dance satire and had been very successful in satirizing ballroom dance in nightclubs, musicals etc. They did most of their own choreography ( Felicia Sorel created a few for them) and were very entertaining couple to watch dance. They also danced in the Harvest Moon Ball championships. Paul went on to become an actor and became one of ABC's dance comedians.   
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   Grace was diagnosed as having cancer in 1952 and became very ill. They moved to California and Paul gained work on stage, TV and Films. Grace passed away in 1955. He is best remembered by playing "Emmett Clark" on the Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D. and as "Bert" in Petticoat Junction, and he actually danced in a few of those loveable but corny TV productions. Paul and Grace both won a Tony Award for their performance for best actor and actress in "Angel in the Wings" with Frank Sinatra in 1948.

   The Hartman's were not the best dancers of their day, but they were very good together and always achieved high ratings from critics, even when the critics hated the show they were in. Many times they reported the show was a waste of their talent. Paul occasionally partnered with another dancer/ actress besides his wife Gracie. Paul died of heart disease in 1973 in California.

Birth Place

Birth Date



San Francisco, Ca. ( P) 3/1/1904 - 10/2/1973 Grace Barrett n/a
San Francisco, Ca. ( G) 1/7/1907 - 8/8/1955 Paul Hartman      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Dance Mainly each other 1949 - My Heart in the middle of July
Comedy Dance            

Night Clubs



n/a 44th St Theater (1942) 1925 - Sunny!
      54th St. Theater 1932 - Ballyhoo Of 1932 (Paul & Grace)
      Alvin Theater (1936) 1937 - Red Hot and Blue
      Coronet Theater (1948) 1942 - Keep em Laughing
      Loew's State Theater 1942 - Top Notchers(aka Keep em Laughing)
      Mark Hellinger Theatre (1949) 1948 - Angels in the Wings
      Ziegfeld Theater (1952) 1949 - All For Love
            1950 - Tickets Please
            1952 - Of Thee I Sing (Paul only)
        1953/55 - Pride of the Family (Paul)
        1957 - Pajama Game, the
            1958 - Drink to Me Only




1941 - Sunny! Alfred and the Amazon(1957) 12/1953 - The Dance Magazine
$ 1944 - Higher and Higher Andy Griffith Show(1967, as Emmett) 2/1961 - Ballroom Dance Mag.)e
1950 - Tickets Please! Arthur Murray Dance Party(1/1958)      
$ 1963 - The Thrill of it All Hartman's at Home, the(1949)      
  Mayberry R.F.D.(1968-71, as Emmett)    
  Petticoat Junction (as Bert Smedley)    
  Showtime, U.S.A.(1950)    


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