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Gypsy Rose Lee Autograph
Gypsy: a film bio of Gypsy Rose Lee, Starring Natalie Wood Gypsy: by Gypsy Rose Lee
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Stripper Gypsy Rose Lee Burlesque dancer and Movie Star

Stage Name

Birth Name

Gypsy Rose Lee Rose Louise Hovick
"The most publicized women in the world", 'Gipsy Rose Lee'

    Gypsy Rose Lee, the legendary woman who told the police during a raid at the famous Minsky's burlesque house, "I wasn't naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight." was known as "The most publicized women in the world." Gypsy Rose Lee was one of the most famous strippers of all time. She received more free press than anyone in the business. Was also a movie actress and Author.

    She first came on the scene as a child after her mother and father (John Olaf Hovick) divorced. Soon after her mother went on the road to Vaudeville with kids in tow. Her mother Rose Hovick (née Rose Evangeline Thompson, died 1954), she and her sister Ellen June Hovick started on the Vaudeville stage in a small time act called "Dainty June and her newsboy songsters." and later "Madame Rose and her dancing daughters," and then later Gypsy would have her own dancing act called "Rose Louise and Her Hollywood Blondes."

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    When Vaudeville died, they moved over to the Burlesque Stage and when a stripper didn't show up, Gypsy took the part and the rest becomes history. Gypsy learned her craft from Burlesque dancer "Tessie the Tassel Twirler" and made her debut on October 6th in Kansas City, MO. It is said that Gypsy never fully stripped , but rather refined the art of the 'Tease' like no one else could.

     H.K. Minsky would spot her and make her a featured performer at his famous New York club. While in New York she became the toast of the town while working at the Irving Place Theater, eventually working her way uptown to become a Ziegfeld girl in "Hot Cha." The last Ziegfeld Follies had her as a featured performer. Her first legitimate role was in "I Must Love Someone" and a summer theater tour of the play "Burlesque." She was the star of ( And also dated) Michael Todd's "Streets of Paris," along with "Theater Cafe, Gay New Orleans and Todd's Star and Garter."

     Gypsy's mother (Rose Hovick) was also a Burlesque dancer as well, and her little sister June Hovac (stage Spelling) was part of the prior Vaudeville act but at the age of 15 in December of 1928 June would elope with Bobby Reed, a dancer in the act, much to her mother's displeasure. June went on to became a succesful Movie Actress.

    Gypsy had a son by the name of Erik Lee Kirkland who later Preminger adopted and is believed to be his natural father. In 1945 Erik was twelve years of age when she retired as a stripper at the young age of 42. However she still wrote and appeared in Plays and Films under the name of Rose Louise Hovick. Gypsy passed away in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1970 due to Lung Cancer. She is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery In Inglewood, California.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Seattle, WA 1/9/1911 - 4/26/1970 Arnold Robert Mizzy (1937-1941) Married twice Erik Lee (Kirkland)
(Other sources say ... b. 1/8/1911) William Alexander Kirkland (1942-44) (born 12/11/1944)
  Julio de Diego (1948-1955) (born 12/11/1944)
Measurements: 5'10" | 37-23-36 | 132 lbs. | Dark Brown Hair

Dance Types

Music Titles


Free Preview - amazon download
Jazz Dance $ A Gypsy Rose (Woody Herman) MP3 Listen to free sample
Striptease $ A House Is Not A Home (Gypsy Rose Lee) MP3 Listen to free sample
Swing $'Gypsy Remembers Burlesque' (1962 by Gypsy) MP3 Listen to free sample
$ I Can Cook Too (Gypsy Rose Lee) MP3 Listen to free sample
$ I Haven't A Thing To Wear (Gypsy Rose Lee) MP3 Listen to free sample
$ Has Anyone Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose MP3 Listen to free sample
$ I Can't Strip To Brahms (Gypsy Rose Lee) MP3 Listen to free sample
$ The Other Woman (Gypsy Rose Lee) MP3 Listen to free sample
$ The Stripper (David Rose) MP3 Listen to free sample
$1959 - Gypsy - A Musical Fable CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.
$ 1959 - That's Me All Over (Gypsy Rose Lee) CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.

Dance Partners

$1973 - Gypsy (Original London Cast) CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.
Billy Rose's Dancers $1989 - Gypsy (New York Revival) CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.
$1993 - Gypsy (TV Sound track) CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.
$2003 - Gypsy (Broadway Rev Cast) CD Not Available as MP3 at the time of listing.






1937 - You Can't Have Everything ( As Lulu) ?? ?? ?? 1949 - Think Fast
$ 1937 - Ali Baba Goes to Town ( As Sultana) VHS ?? ?? 1956 - Steve Allen Show ( Episode #2.11 as Saloon Girl)
1938 - Sally, Irene and Mary ?? ?? ?? 1958/58 - The U.S Steel Hour ( Charmer & Sauce for the Goose)
$1938 - My Lucky Star VHS ?? ?? 1958 - Gypsy Rose Lee Show
$ 1938 - Battle of Broadway ?? DVD ?? 1959 - What's My Line(Clip 2)
$ 1943 - Lady of Burlesque ( Written by Gypsy) ?? DVD Download 1964 - Burke's Law ( As Miss Bumpsy Cathcart)
$1943 - Stage Door Canteen VHS DVD Download 8/15/1964 - Steve Allen Show
$1944 - Belle Of Yukon VHS DVD PAL 1965 - Gypsy (a Talk Show)
$ 1946 - Doll Face ( Written by Gypsy) ?? DVD ?? 1965 - Who Has Seen The Wind ( As Proprietress)
1952 - Babes in Baghdad ( As Zahora)(Clip 2) ?? ?? ?? 1966 - Batman ( The Sandman Cometh: as Newscaster)
1958 - Winds Across Everglades ?? ?? PAL 1966 - Phyllis Diller Show
$ 1958 - Screaming Mimi(Clip 1)| (Clip 2) ?? DVD ?? 1966 - The Trouble with Angels
$1962 - Gypsy ( Written by Gypsy) ?? DVD Wide 1969 - Allen Luden's Gallery
1963 - The Stripper ( As Madame Olga) VHS ?? ?? 1969 - Della ( As herself)
$1968 - Around the World of Mike Todd VHS ????


$1966 - Trouble With Angels VHS ?? ?? 1937 - Ali Baba Goes to Town - Poster
$1969 - Over the Hill Gang VHS DVD Download 1938 - Battle of Broadway - LC
$1993 - Gypsy! ( Bette Midler) ?? DVD Download $ 1944 - Belle of the Yukon
"Gypsy" - True Vue Film #1306 ?? ?? ?? 1958 - Gypsy Rose Lee
$ 1958 - Screaming Mimi Poster 1 (USA)
$ 1958 - Screaming Mimi Poster 2 (Italian)
$ 1958 - Winds Across the Everglades
$ 1963 - the Stripper Poster
Heublein Cocktails Adv. - Poster


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$ 1942 - Mother Finds a Body (Gypsy) $ 1980 - More Havoc (June Havoc)
$ 1943 - Lady of Burlesque (Gypsy) $1999 - Gypsy; A Memoir ( Gypsy 1959)
$ 1984 - Gypsy and Me (Preminger) $ 2004 - My G-String Mother: At Home and back Stage with Gypsy Rose Lee (Preminger)
$ 1986 - Gypsy: A Memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee (Gypsy)
"One of the greatest mysteries ever written."—The Philadelphia Daily News
$ 2004 Book - My G-String Mother
by Preminger
$ 2010 Gypsy - the art of the tease (shteir)
$ 2010 - Stripping Gypsy: Life of Gypsy Rose Lee (Frankel)
$ 2012 - American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee (Karen Abbott)
$ G - String Murders
Minsky's Burlesque: A Fast & Funny Look at America's Bawdiest era
1986 - Gypsy: A Memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee
$ 1994 - Gypsy - A Musical (Styne) $ Queens of Burlesque, the
$ Gypsy -- the script (Laurents)

  • NOTE: Last name sometimes spelled Hovic, Havoc, Hovoc, Hovick.

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