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George White and Unknown dancer doing the Flirtation Dance

Stage Name

Birth Name

George White

George Weitz

   George White was originally a dancer and part of a dance troupe on Burlesque Stages in the early 1900's as a teen with Ben Ryan. This would eventually lead him to solo as well as partnered dance work with partners Louise Brooks, Minerva Coverdale and Ann Pennington on the Broadway stage.

    As time passed he would become an Impresario and Theatre owner like Flo Ziegfeld and would write, produce, direct and sometimes act or dance in his own productions ... such as his more famous ones

( Picture is of George White and unknown
dancer doing the "Flirtation Danc

Called the George White Scandals (1911-1939.) George White danced in the 1911 and 1915 editions of the Follies before producing a series of thirteen lavish Scandals plus two film versions.

    These "Scandals" productions would help many future stars obtain their careers such as Alice Faye, Ann Miller, Ann Pennington, Eleanor Powell, Frances Williams, Ray Bolger and Rudy Vallee were in his stage productions to name a few.  

Birth Place

Birth Date



Toronto, Canada 3/12/1892 - 10/11/1968 n/a n/a
( Note: Some sources say he was born in New York rather than Canada

Dance Types


Music Titles

Ballroom Ben 'Benny' Ryan(dance partner) Black Bottom
Flirtation Dance(1910s) Ann Pennington Come Dance With Me(1913)
Black Bottom Dance(1926) George White Girls(1918) Idle Dreams
The Five Step Louise Brooks Life's a Bowl of Cherries
Tap, Buck, Ballroom Minerva Coverdale(1913) Thats why darkies were born
  Lucille Cavanagh(Orpheum 1916)  



Apollo Theater (1911) 1910 - The Echo 1924 - George White's Scandals
Globe Theater (1922) 1911 - George White's Scandals 1924 - Runnin' Wild
New Amsterdam Theater(1926) 1911 - Ziegfeld Follies 1925 - George White's Scandals
Orpheum (10/23/1916 w/ Cavanagh) 1913 - The Red Widow 1926 - George White's Scandals
      1913 - Who's Who? 1928 - Manhattan Mary
    1914 - The Pleasure Seekers 1928 - George White's Scandals
      1915 - Midnight Girl, the 1929 - George White's Scandals
      1915 - George White's Scandals 1931 - Flying High
      1917 - Miss 1917 1931 - George White's Scandals
      1919 - George White's Scandals 1932 - Music Hall Varieties
      1920 - George White's Scandals 1933 - Melody
      1921 - George White's Scandals 1933 - Run, Little Chillun
    1922 - George White's Scandals 1935 - George White's Scandals
    1923 - George White's Scandals 1939 - George White's Scandals
      1964 - A Murderer Among Us




1934 - George White Scandals* n/a n/a
1935 - George White Scandals*            
1945 - George White Scandals( Material only)            


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