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Rosario Guerrero circa 1904

Stage Name

Birth Name

Rosario Guerrero Rosario Guerrero
    "Rosario Guerrero was according to various accounts was born in Seville, Spain around 1876 to 1880. She was famous for her interpretation of "Carmen" in a dance pantomime version of the Bizet opera that ran in London at the Alhambra Theater in 1903/04 ( She made her Alhambra debut in 1899) and which came to New York ( The New York Roof Garden, I think) in 1904.

    She was brought to New York in 1903 by Florenz Ziegfeld to costar in "The Red Feather" but they had a falling out, she thought she was to be the star of the show but he brought her to be star entertainment in the show ( Some accounts have her debuting in the Red Feather and others not.) Her other great success besides "Carmen" was a dance drama called "The Dagger and the Rose" aka: "The Rose and the Dagger."

    She was considered a rather "pure" Spanish dancer, unlike Otero, who did Spanish and exotic dances and was more famous for being a courtesan than for anything else. She may have had an affair with King Leopold of Belgium ( Who was also one of Otero's famous royal lovers) because according to an article, he gave her over $1,000,000 in jewels.
    She had at least two regular partners, M. Volbert, who was her Don Jose in "Carmen" and I think the first Bandit in "The Dagger and the Rose" and a later partner, L. Paglieri, whom she married (1906? 1907?.) The last reference to her I have seen is a performance at the Marigny in Paris in 1912. Above Submitted by: Sarah Stovin

Birth Place

Birth Date



Seville, Spain born between 1876/1880 - ???? L. Paglieri n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Pantomime L. Paglieri n/a
Spanish Dance M. Volbert      

Night Clubs



Roof Garden Alhambra Theater Bizet's Carmen
      Marigny The Dagger and the Rose




n/a n/a 1896 - Ruetlinger Photo Book


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