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Gracie Allen

Stage Name

Birth Name

Gracie "Googie" Allen Gracie Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen

    Five foot tall, 100 pound Gracie Allen is today most remembered as George Burns scatterbrained comedy sidekick, with George being the straight man. Gracie was the daughter of George and Margaret Allen and was born in San Francisco, California. Gracie, at age 5, started performing in an Irish dancing group called "The Allen Sisters" with her three older sisters, Bessie, Hazel and Pearl. Moving to New York on her own, Gracie was looking for an act and heard about a vaudeville group looking for a new partner. Gracie saw Burns and they got together thru dancing as Burns was originally a dancer and Instructor, he would work with her on the act and later becoming the comedy team of "Burns and Allen" around 1922.

    Gracie married Burns in 1926 in New York. They made many movies together, mostly non-dance related. The two made many appearances on the Vaudeville stage, then got into the Radio shows, then finally

Television and from 1934 to 1950 had their own TV show called "The George Burns-Gracie Allen Show."

    Gracie did the advertising for the Pullman Train car magazine ads in the 1940s and Gracie and George were featured on an magazine ads for Post's "Grape-Nuts" cereal and Spam. In 1940, Gracie announced on radio that she was running for President. She actually made a 34 city campaign, had slogans, buttons, posters etc. After her campaign was over, she wrote a pretty funny book called "How to Become President." Gracie and George remained married until Gracie died of heart failure in her Beverly Hills home in 1964. George went on to smoke his cigars and live to be 100, He never re-married and is buried next to Gracie.

Birth Place

Birth Date



San Francisco, CA 7/26/1895 - 8/27/1964 George Burns (1926) Ronnie Burns (Adopted)
      Ronald John
        Sandra Jean (Adopted)

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom George Burns n/a
Irish dance            

Night Clubs



n/a Hillstreet Theater (1922) n/a




Ten Cents a dance ( As taxi dncr) $ 1950/58 - Burns and Allen Show $ Gracie - A Love Story
$ 1933 - International House Bob Cummings Show $ Gracie for President
$ 1934 - Were Not Dressing This is Your Life $ Say Goodnight Gracie
$ 1935 - Love In Bloom The Jack Benny Show $ Bio-Bibliography
$ 1935 - Here Comes Cookie What's My Line 1984 - Emmy Magazine
College Holiday       How to Become President (Allen)
$ 1939 - Honolulu            
1939 - Gracie Allen Murder Case        
College Humor            
$ 1934 - Six Of A Kind            
Many Happy Returns            
$ 1937 - Damsel In Distress            
Big Broadcast of 1936            
Big Broadcast of 1936            
$ 1938 - College Swing            
$ 1944 - Two Girls and a Sailor            

NOTE: Reportedly born in 1902, but a census revealed it to be 1895.

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