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George Christopherson and Fried Angela-Wyckoff
( George and Freida Angela-Wyckoff)
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Stage Name

Birth Name

George Christopherson

George Christopherson


    George was an amazing swing dancer in the in the So. California area in the 1940-70's. He joined the Navy and danced in many U.S.O. Canteens with his acrobatic/ comedy style. George was always a showman when it came to swing dance and could entertain anyone with his wit and style from young to old alike.

    George had won many swing dance contests at Clubs and on Television such as the Al Jarvis Show. His main partner was Frieda Angela-Wyckoff but danced with others as well. Danced in the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships and was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and still danced up into the late 1990's. George's partner in his later years was his wife Roma who was an excellent West Coast Swing Dancer and Competitor as well. Heres a rare clip of George and Frieda dancing fast Swing in 1955 ... Click Here (Video pop-up), and another to the Blues pt. 2 Click Here.

    He always did his signature in the air back flip landing to the floor on his back with anyone who was familiar with his style. In his later years he wore a toupee, and one of his comedy stunts was to do a flying Lindy swing-out, one leg up and out behind him, bent forward and his free hand lifting up his toupee, like you would tip a hat, saying hello towards the

Audience, or use it as he was walking off the floor, he was really an entertaining dancer, a "dancer's dancer." After the Rebels SDC left the Lion d'Or a few years later George, along with his wife Roma, restarted the Lion d'Or in Anaheim, California with weekly West Coast swing dances till a few years before his death.

    Later in life George and his partner Dawn Manganelli entered the 1973 World Swing Dance Championships and took 3rd Place against all the young-ins, It was held at the Palladium, Hollywood, CA.

    George also had a Brother named Fred who was an avid swing dancer as well who mainly danced in his younger years.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Long Beach, CA. D.1990s Roma Tillotson Yes

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Awards / Dance Contests

Ballroom Carmen ??? 1973 World Swing Dance Championships (w/ Dawn Maganelli)
Balboa Dawn Magdanelli 1991 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, Nomination
Jitterbug Frieda Angela-Wyckoff 1992 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Nomination
Lindy Ronnie Merit  
Shim Sham Shimmy Roma Tillotson 1993 - California Swing Dance Hall Of Fame Induction
West Coast Swing       1993 - Jitterbug Magazine Hall Of Fame

Night Clubs



Avalon Ballroom 1956 - Rock Around the Clock (with Freda) U.S.O. Canteens
Crest Lounge (Reseda, CA)            
Diana Ballroom            
Golden West Ballroom            
Lion D' Or (Downey, CA)            
Palladium ( Hollywood, Ca.)            
The Prelude            
Press Box (Westminster, CA)            
The Rag Doll (North Hollywood, CA)            
Rendezvous Ballroom            
Round Robin (aka: Forge - Glendale, CA )            
Staircase (Downey)          
Stardust Ballroom            
The Tail Spin            
Trade Winds            



Dance Contests

1984 - Dance Time Newspaper Al Jarvis Show (With Frieda Angela) 1973 World Swing Dance Championships (3rd)
1986 Orange County Register, Orange County, CA (June 20, 1986 - pg 29) Eddie Cantor Show Danced in Many SWING Contests!
Yeakle's "Dance Till Dawn"      


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