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Florence Walton Photgraph

Stage Name

Birth Name

Florence Walton

Florence Cyan (Cryan ?)

   Went to a parochial school as a little girl and graduated when just sixteen. Her first stage appearance was as a Quaker girl the summer 1906 in the revival of "Miss Bob White" for $12 a week. Florence Walton was a dancer and actress in the early 1900s. Florence made her stage debut in Lew Field's "The Girl Behind the Counter" dancing and singing in the chorus in 1907 and would later become a Ziegfeld girl.

   Walton first learned the chorus dances, then the character dances such as the Spanish, Dutch, and the Italian Tarantella etc.

   Walton met Maurice Mouvet when Flo Ziegfeld approached her with the suggestion that she partner with Mouvet ( His partner eloped during 'Over the River'.) In the evening they met, practiced some and danced that night in "Over the River."

Florence Walton AUTOGRAPH
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Upon finishing, Ziegfeld partnered them together for the "the Rose Maid" and then the "Pink Lady" in 1911.

   Walton and Mouvet were later married in 1911 and were divorced in 1920. Her most famous partner was Maurice Mouvet who was one of the best dancers of the day. The main dances they were famous for together was the Apache Dance, Tango and Maxixe. After her divorce with Mouvet, Walton meet and married Leon Leitrim, who she continued to dance with for many years.

   For more stuff on Florence see the Maurice Mouvet page.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Wilmington, DE. 1890 - 1/7/1981 Maurice Mouvet (1911) n/a
    Leon Leitrim  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

The Apache Dance Leon Leitrim 1913 - Junk Man Rag (one step)
Ballroom Dances Maurice Mouvet 1914 - On A Joy Ride (Foxtrot)
Canter Waltz Alexandre Vlad 1914 - Trailing Arbutus
French Pericon (1914)     1918 - Valse Maurice
The Hesitation    Maurice Mattchichi (Maxixe)
The Lulu Fado (1914)    Maurice Step Dance
Maurice Foxtrot (1914)      
Maurice Mattchichi      
Maurice Step Dance      
The Maxixe      
The One Step      
Parisian Two-Step      
Solo Dances      
Spanish Dance      
The Tango      
The Valse Maurice (1918)      

Night Clubs



Cafe de Paris 44th St Theater (1915) 1907 - The Girl Behind The Counter
Chez Maurice   Century Theater 1908 - Miss Innocence
Louis Martin's (Cafe de Paris, NY) Globe Theater (1910) 1908 - Soul Kiss (Ziegfeld Entertainment)
Palais de Danse New Amsterdam Theater (1911) 1910 - The Bachelor Belles
    New York Theater (1908) 1911 - Ziegfeld's" The Pink Lady"
    Winter Garden Theater (1912) 1912 - Broadway to Paris
       1912 - Ziegfeld's" The Rose Maid" (w/Mouvet)
       1915 - Hands Up
       1919 - Ziegfeld's Century Girl




1916 - The Quest of Life n/a 8/1915 - Theater Magazine
1943 - The Lady of Burlesque    Oct - Art Classics

  • NOTE: Florence's Last name has also been suggested as: "Cryan" (Not verified).

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