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"Frisco" Rooney Sheet Music Cover

Stage Name

Birth Name

Joe "Frisco" Rooney

Louis Wilson Joseph

    Joe Frisco was a stuttering comic who used a cigar and derby in his act. Joe Frisco also appeared in a few movies.

    The "Frisco" was also a well received Jazz dance during the 1920's and was honored by having a dance named after him called "Do The Frisco" or just plain "The Frisco."

    He is also SELF credited as being the first "Jazz dancer" of the 1920's which is not correct as there were many "Jazz dancers" before him. His Jazz dance consisted of only a Shuffle and Grind step.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Milan, IL 11/4/1889 - 2/12/1958 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

The Frisco n/a 1916 - Kitchen Stove Rag
Jazz Dance       Do The Frisco

Night Clubs



n/a Earl Carroll Theater (1928) 1928 - Earl Carroll's Vanities




1930 - The Song Plugger (Vitaphone) n/a $ Joe Frisco: Jazz Dancer
1930 - The Hottentots    
1930 - The Border Patrol    
1930 - The Benefit    
1931 - The Gorilla    
1933 - Mr. Broadway ( Himself)    
1938 - Western Jamboree ( Frisco)    
1940 - Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride    
1944 - Atlantic City    
1945 - Shady Lady    
1946 - That's My Man    
$ 1950 - Riding High ( Himself)    
$ 1957 - Sweet Smell of Success [ DVD]    


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