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Stage Name

Birth Name

The Four Fords

Edwin Ford
The Ford Sisters, The Four Fords Dora Ford
The Ford Sisters, The Four Fords Mabel Ford
The Four Fords, Max and Urma Max "Maxie" Ford
Max and Urma Hetty Urma-Ford
  Thomas John "Johnny" Ford
      Mabel Ford was born in Ohio on January 1st, 1888 to John William Ford and Miriam Landau Ford. She was the youngest of five children. They were all taught to dance as soon as they were able to walk. Mable Ford made up 1/4 of famous Vaudeville tap dance

Team called "The Four Fords" which was made up of Maxie Ford, Edwin Ford, Dora Ford and Mabel Ford. There was another Brother named Johnny who danced but did not tour with the group, he would later marry Eva Tanquay.

    Harland Dixon is said to have got his calling when watching Johnny Ford and  Mamie Gerhue  dance in Lovers and Lunatics at the Grand Theatre in Toronto. The Four Fords were billed 2nd only to Sarah Bernhardt. They broke up in 1913 but the Ford Sisters continued to tour the US and Canada on the Palace and Orpheun circuits and toured Europe from 1914 - 1916. They came home and continued to top bills for another 10 years. During the war, Max and Urma sold photo's of themselves to raise money for the soldiers [pic].

    Mabel owned a pet Silver Fox which she named Mexico. They kept it at the Hippodrome in New York when she was away on tour. In September of 1925 Mabel married Jack Curtis Sr., a Keith Albee Agent, who had been married twice before. Mabel became Aunt to Beatrice Curtis Fox ( Curtis' daughter 1st marriage to Vaudeville's Anna Chandler) and her husband Harry Fox and grandmother to their child.

    On June 16, 1926 Mabel gave birth to Jack Curtis Jr. at the age of 38, in Queens, New York. Mabel is the paternal grandmother of Liane Curtis. Brother Max Ford a Buck and Wing dancer invented a step called the Maxie Ford. Mabel Ford died in Queens, New York in October of 1982 at the age of 94... submitted by James Stout ( Imdb.) After Maxwell left the Four Fords he supposedly became a successful movie choreographer.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Dora ?? n/a n/a Elizabeth Sharon Ford Garner (1943)
Edwin ?? ??       Madeline Louise Ford Selby (1944)
Mabel Ohio 1/1/1888-10/1982 Jack Curtis Sr. <-- Jack Curtis Jr.
Max ?? ?? Hetty "Nana" Urma (2nd wife) Linda Carol Grimes (1945)
John ?? B. 10/7/1921 Eva Tanquay, Evelyn Louise Garten < -- Thomas John Ford (1948)
Miriam ?? B. 1923 Robert Morrison Gary Alan Ford (1952)
Hetty ?? ?? ?? Deborah Kay Ford (1958)
        James Anthony Ford
        (Arrows indicate parents)

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Mamie Gerhue (Johnny Ford) n/a
Tap Dance            
Buck and Wing            

Sheet Music



n/a Apollo Theatre (1910) 1910 - The Follies of 1910
  Bushwick Theatre (1914) 1914 - Hindu ( Bushwick Theatre, Max/Mabel)
  Keith Theatre 1916 - Passing Show, the (Ford Sisters)
  Majestic Theatre 1954 - Lunatics and Lovers
  Palace Theatre      
  Toronto Grand Theatre: Lunatics and Lovers
(John & Mamie)
  Wintergarden Theater (1910)    




n/a n/a 5/25/1910 - NY Times section

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