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Stage Name | Billing

Birth Name

"Englert & Scheim" | "King and Queen of Shag Dancers" " The Johnny Englerts" Ruth Scheim | John Englert

    Ruth (15) and one of four children met red headed John (17) in the Bronx of New York in around 1935 at a weekly YMCA Basketball Game/Dance. They started dating and did a lot of dancing together. As time went on they started to form a dance partnership that became very good. In 1936 they entered the Harvest Moon Ball using Ruth sisters Birth Certificate as you had to be at least 18 to enter. They did not win on their first try but entered the Harvest Moon Ball again in 1937 as Ruth was now officially 16. They danced fiercely and won the Collegiate Shag Division which opened many doors for them in the dance world. They one a cash prize along with 2 champion rings ... hers was a platinum diamond cocktail ring and john received a platinum star sapphire ring as well as getting a spot in the Loews state theatre.

    For the next couple of years they would make upwards of $250.00 a week which was a lot of money for two kids during that time ... heres one of their earlier contracts with Fanchon and Marco (F&M) Stageshows in 1938. Dancing the Collegiate shag in movie theatres before the movie such as Fanchon and Marco shows/Ideas. Were featured in many Newspaper and Magazine articles on the Shag and other swing dances. They would be featured dancers in a Vincent Minnelli short film and the Arthur Murray Instructional Video on "How to Dance The Shag" which is a historic dance treasure today (see clip) as well as advertisements and articles such as Colliers Magazine and even danced the Shag at the White House.

     After the Shag craze died down ... John went on to do modeling and Ruth went to work for Bloomingdales. During this time Ruth was in a terrible automobile accident and damaged her ankle, ending any thoughts of returning to a professional dancing career. WW II came along and John and his two brothers enlisted, before leaving overseas, John proposed to Ruth and they were married on April 17, 1943. John went to war, became a Captain, received a Purple Heart, was wounded under fire and returned home in May of 1945 due to his injuries. John Sr. was the caricature for the Military Publication "Star and Stripes.  

   Ruth would then give birth to John Jr. in February of 1946 and was heralded in Ed Sullivans "Little Old New York" as well as Jr.s other two brothers making headlines as well on their birth.  Around this time they family moved to Seaford Long Island, NY and began raising 4 kids before being transferred to California in 1956, settling in Sierra Madre, California. They lived a happy life for over 40+ years always being the hit of their Church and dinner dance parties whenever they were asked to demo. the Shag, which they always gleefully did.

Thank-you goes out to Ruth and John's daughter Jean Englert Messineo for providing much of the memorabilia and information on her wonderful and famous dance parents. Thank You Jean, I hope you like the pages I made for them.

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York (Bronx ?) Ruth: 1921- Each Other Jean Englert | John Jr.
  John: 1919- Married 4/17/1943 (4 kids total)

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Each Other ~
Big Apple    
Charleston, the    
Collegiate Shag    
Trolley Hop, the    

Night Clubs



Hotel Staler Terrace Room (Buffalo) 1937 - Loews State Theatre (NY) 1937 - Artists and Models (Loews)
~ 1937 - Winter Garden, the 1937 - The Show Is On (Winter Garden)
  January/1938 - Roxy Theatre (N.Y.) (Opened the show) January/1938 - Roxy Theatre (N.Y.) (Opened the show)
  October/ 1938 - The Palace October/ 1938 - The Palace with Gene Krupa




Arthur Murrays " How To Shag" Ed Sullivan Show Colliers Magazine
The Big Apple   8/28/1937 - Pittsburg Press
1937 - Phoney Boy (RKO)   7/21/1938 - The Daily News
    6/24/1939 - Colliers Magazine

NOTE: Ruth's name is sometimes misspelled as Schein. (Scheim is correct spelling, verified thru daughter).

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