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Eartha Kitt

Stage Name

Birth Name

Eartha Kitt Eartha Mae Kitt

        Born on a cotton plantation in South Carolina, Eartha Kitt was given away by her mother and sent to live with an aunt in Harlem at the age of eight. Later she auditioned for the famed Katherine Dunham Dance Troupe. She was awarded a spot as a featured singer and dancer, by the time she turned twenty, she had toured with them worldwide.

    While performing with the Katherine Dunham Troupe in Paris, she was spotted by a nightclub owner who signed her on as a cabaret singer. Eartha went on to be a successful Cabaret, Broadway, Film and Singing star. Started her film career in Helen of Troy.  

Eartha Kitt Augraph

Birth Place

Birth Date



North, South Carolina b.1/17/1927 Bill McDonald Kitt McDonald

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Modern Katherine Dunham Troupe I Want To Be Evil
Ethnic       C'est Si Bon
Jazz       Cha Cha Heels

Night Clubs



Mocombo (Hlywd) Orpheum Theater (CA) Faust
Empire Room       Monotonous
Persian Room       New Faces (1952)
            Salome (1955)
            Timbuktu (1978)




1951 - Helen of Troy 1967 - Batman ( As Catwoman) 1956 - Thursdays Child
1958 - St. Louis Blues       6/15/1959 - Colliers Mag
1959 - Anna Lucasta       1976 bio - Alone with Me
1982 - All By Myself ( Docu.)            
1992 - Boomerang            


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