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Ashea Wabe aka Little Egypt

Ashea Wabe aka Little Egypt

Ashea Wabe aka Little Egypt
      Another Little Egypt named  Ashea Wabe  (Catherine Devine) ( Pictured) became the talk of the town and made front page news in December of 1896 after she danced for Fifth Avenue, NY's "Seeley bachelor party" held at Sherry's Restaurant which was raided by the vice squad.

      The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, held in 1898 in Omaha, included performances by a dancer advertised as Little Egypt, it was verified that she was Ashea Wabe ... Wabe stated: "It's just this way. There are four 'Little Egypts' in this country, three in Chicago and one in Minneapolis.

     They claim to be 'Little Egypt,' but I am the only genuine one." Wabe died in her West 37th Street apartment in 1908 of “gas asphyxiation.” (Postcard Photo)

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