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Eddie ' Rochsester' Anderson

Stage Name

Birth Name


Eddie Anderson

    African American actor who is mainly remembered for his Pullman Porter roles as "Rochester" with Jack Benny in Radio and Films. His course signature voice can be heard in many Flintstone's TV series.

    His formal show business career began in 1919 when he appeared in a Negro revue, and continued when he and his older brother, Cornelius, toured as a two man music and dance team. Anderson did dance in some of his shows, and was very good at it, however the dancing was atypical Jim Crow type of Negro stereotyping roles that African-Americans could partake in those racially segregated times.

" Wha's dat Bauss ?"

Birth Place

Birth Date



Oakland, CA 9/18/1905 - 2/28/1977 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Cakewalk n/a n/a
Buck Dancing            

Night Clubs



n/a n/a n/a




1936 - Green Pastures Jack Benny Show n/a
1938 - Jezebel            
1939 - Gone with the Wind            
1939 - Mad About Town            
1940 - Buck Benny Rides Again            
1940 - Love Thy Neighbor            
1941 - Birth of the Blues            
1941 - Topper Returns            
1943 - Cabin in the Sky            
1945 - Brewster's Millions            


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