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Stage Name

Birth Name

Buddy Ebsen

Christian Rudolph Ebsen JR.

  Son to a dance studio owner, Ebsen would start early as a dancer. Ebsen became part of the "Stetson Boy Dancers" in Vaudeville and Broadway musicals such as Whoopie. Ebsen was a dancer / hoofer ( Tap) and danced in many plays as well as movies. Buddy and his sister Vilma formed a dance act and came to Hollywood in 1935. Later his acting parts would be less dancing and would become mainly acting.

   Ebsen was up for the part of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, but had to quit the part due to being allergic to the silver "Fairy Dust" used on the set, this would prove to cause Ebsen health problems later on in his life.

   Buddy had four sisters: rather than the reported one, they were Vilma, Helga, Norma, and Leslie Ebsen. Leslie died in childhood, but Helga and Norma lived into their nineties. Neither Helga and Norma performed with Buddy professionally. Vilma turned 91 earlier this month ( Feb-2002) and shows no sign of slowing down. Vilma was the only one to perform with Buddy. Both Helga and Norma taught dancing at the Ebsen Studios in Orlando, Florida and Pacific Palisades.

   One of Ebsen's most famous dance teaming's was with Shirley Temple in 1936 movie "Captain January." Buddy Ebsen is most remembered as "Jed Clampett" in the Beverly Hillbilly's and as "Barnaby Jones" in Barnaby Jones. Later in life became a part-time songwriter, as well as a newly-published author of a romantic novel entitled "Kelly's Quest."

   Buddy was used for the dance motion for Mickey Mouse's dance steps in the Silly Symphonies cartoons for Walt Disney.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Belleville, IL 4/2/1908-7/6/2003 Dorothy Knot (1985) Alix Ebsen 
    Nancy Wolcott (1944)
Bonnie Ebsen
      Ruth Cambridge(1936) Kiki Ebsen

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Eleanor Powell 1933 - I Like The Likes Of You
Eccentric Francis Langford 1932 - A Shine On Your Shoes
Jitterbug Jeanette Mac Donald      
Maxixe Judy Garland      
Tap     Monette Moore?      
      Shirley Temple      
      Stetson Boy Dancers      
      Vilma Ebsen      

Night Clubs



n/a Imperial Theatre (1932) 1928 - Whoopie! (Buddy)
      Winter Garden Theatre (1933) 1932 - Flying Colors (w/ Vilma)
            1934 - Ziegfeld Follies (w/ Vilma)
            1937 - Between the Devil (Vilma)
            1940 - Yokel Boy (Buddy)
        1947 - Showboat (Buddy)




1936 - Banjo On My Knee 1950s - Davy Crockett [ DVD] $ Buddy Ebsen, Color Glossy 8X10 Photo
1936 - Born To Dance 6/30/1952 - Broadway Television Theatre
1936 - Broadway Melody of 1936 ( W/ Vilma) 1962/71 - Beverly Hillbillies  
$ 1936 - Captain January ( W/ Temple) 1973/80 - Barnaby Jones  
1937 - Broadway Melody of 1938 (danced)    
1939 - The Wizard Of Oz (?)    
1941 - Parachute Battalion    
1954 - Red Garters    
1955 - Davy Crockett    
$ Between Heaven and Hell    
$ 1962 - Christmas in Hooterville    
1968 - The One and Only    
1968 - The Original Family Band    
Hollywood Palace    
Born 2 Dance ( W/ Vilma)    
$ 1961 - Breakfast at Tiffany's [ DVD]    
$ 1991 - Buddy Ebsen's Musical Collectibles    


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