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Oscar Duryea

Stage Name

Birth Name

Oscar Duryea


       Started his dancing career as a boy teaching dance assisting Mr. L. E. Dare who was ballet master at the M.E.T. In 1888 the Duryea School of Dance was established and was still going strong into the 1940's. However in February of 1910, Duryea was arrested for not having a legal permit for his dance Academy, he later obtained the License. Duryea was entertainment manager at Narragansett Pier for the Mathewson Hotel for thirteen years ( Summers.)

   Arranged many dance numbers for movie studio's such as Fox, Paramount, Warner and United Artists as well as staged many plays along with teaching many movie personalities such as Mary Pickford. Created a new dance called the "Two-Two" in 1916.

   On September 3rd, 1914, the " American Society of Professors of Dancing" had already set in motion, standardizing the steps of the Fox-trot. Oscar Duryea who already was a long established Dancer was hired to introduce the dance to the public. Duryea modified Fox's dance, as the trotting could not be kept up for long periods without tiring out the dancers, so the trot was replaced by a glide or "Saunter." This "new Foxtrot" was an instant hit and has remained a stable part in anyone's dancing syllabus ever since.

Birth Place

Birth Date



n/a 1925-19?? Yes n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Mary Pickford 1918 - The Canteen Canter
Ballroom His Wife      
Pickford Polka      
Two Two (1916)        

Night Clubs



Duryea School Of Dance Met. Opera House Dancing Down The Ages
Mathewson Hotel            




Poor Little Rich Girl n/a 8/14/1907 - NY Times
    Duryea wrote many Dance Books


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