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Isadora Duncan

Stage Name

Birth Name

Isadora Duncan Angela Dora Duncan

    Known as the "Mother of Modern Dance." Isadora's mother was a music teacher. Isadora was born in San Francisco, California to Irish parents. One of the creators of Modern dancing which She called "Free Dance." She took ballet as a child but broke away from its conventional and classic forms. She had an unsuccessful debut in the states in 1899 and went on to London were she was much more appreciated in 1900.

    She was very inspired by Greece and its art and made a big impression on Michel Fokine ( His ballet, Eunice.) Her usual costume was a flowing Tunic and was the first American dancer to dance barefooted as well as the first to appear on Stage without tights. By 1904 she would establish her own school in Berlin and by 1906 had her own dance group ( Comprised of her pupils.)

    Her dance was more of Pantomime with hardly any steps repeated while avoiding set movements and steps. She eventually would have a few different schools in France, Germany and the U.S. and was received warmly in the U.S. by 1909. She died tragically in a fatal freak car accident. While driving in a convertible, her long scarf got caught in the rear wheel and strangled her. Isadora had a daughter named Deidre with Gordon Craig out of wedlock.

    The Duncan Sisters consisted of Isadora, Irma and Anna who all danced together for a time. There seems to be a rumor that Gordon Craig sired two children with her (Charles James Miller Papers).

Isadora Duncan Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



San Francisco, CA. USA 5/26/1878 - 9/14/1927 Sergi Esenim Deidre

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet 1929 - Isadora's Moscow Dancers n/a
Barefoot Dance            
Free Dance ( Modern Dance)            

Night Clubs



n/a n/a n/a



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Book Title



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$ Isadora Duncan: The Dances Choreographed in Labanotation
by Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck 1994
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by Il' Ia Il' Ich. ShneIder ??
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$ The technique of Isadora Duncan by Irma Duncan 1937
$ The Untold Story: The Life of Isadora ?? ??
Twelve Against The Odds (1930 William Bolitho)    
Isadora Duncan: The Art of Dance (1928)    
Isadora Duncan's Russian Days & Her Last (Duncan, Irma)    


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