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Since I Heard From Home Sheet Music Phot - 1902: Dean and Johnson

Stage Name

Birth Name

Dean and Johnson

Dora Babbage (Dean)

"The Sweet Corporal Girl"

Charles E. Johnson

"the King and Queen of Colored Aristocracy"

  The voluptuous but beautiful Dora Dean and her well dressed, monocle wearing Charles Johnson were Vaudeville entertainers, with a few Broadway plays and nightclubs to their credit, later moving to a few Motion Pictures. They were one of the main components to the popularity of the Cakewalk and were one of the first "colored acts" to bring class to their field ( Great clothes-no Blackface.)

   Although not a small girl, Dora was so captivating and had such a fabulous personality that she had crown heads of Europe at her feet. Dora even had a few songs written about her one such song was titled "(Have You Met Miss Dora Dean, Prettiest Girl You've ever Seen.") Dora helped start the "Class Act" with her fancy Dandy husband by wearing custom made, thousand dollar costumes on stage which was a first.

   Dora and Charles met in 1889 during the "Creole Show" where Dora was doing a cakewalk number and were later married in 1893. They are said to be the "Originators of the Cakewalk," however this was just a billing title. Johnson was not really a dancer outside of the Cakewalk but an eccentric, err rather a " Legomania" type dancer while Dora posed. Johnson is quoted as stating it was he who "introduced the Soft Shoe," but that is not correct.

   Dean and Johnson were one of the few African-American performers in the Keith Circuit. Although they sang in some of their acts, they were hardly considered singers, with them mainly talking the words rather than singing them. Together with Greenlee and Drayton they toured Europe for fourteen Months. They continued performing for many years until they separated around 1919, and went their separate ways, however they did a few "comeback performances" at Connie's Inn in 1936.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Covington KY. (Dora) 1872 - 1/1950 Charles Johnson n/a
Kentucky (Chas) 1860's-d.1957? Dora Dean      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Cakewalk Each Other $ Dora Dean (1895)
Lindy hop Bert Williams Has Anybody Seen Miss Dora Dean (1958)

Sheet Music

Charleston Cause Ise in Society Now Have You Met Miss Dora Dean, Prettiest Girl You've ever Seen
  Cakewalk Sheet Music Covers
  Coon, Coon, Coon ( LOC)  
  Since I Heard From Home (1902)  

Night Clubs



Connie's Inn (1936) Koster and Bials (4/23/1899) 1889 - Creole Show
Dunbar Hotel Grand Theatre Chicago World's Fair
Jockey Club Palace Theatre Coon, Coon, Coon
  Swansea Empire Theatre (1905)  




1915 - Time Lock No. 776 n/a $ Jazz Dance: Story of American Vernacular Dance
1915 - Silver Threads among the Gold      
      4-23-1899 - New York Times (pg 17 adv)
$1926 - Eyes Right            
1929 - Bouncing Babies        
1930 - Dancing Sweeties        
1930 - Georgia Rose      


        Ephemeralist: Sheet Music Cover


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