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Donald O'Conner Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Donald O'Connor

Donald David Dixon Ronald

    Donald was born into a theatrical family. Donald's father Chuck was a professional boxer and circus performer. Donald was put on Stage at 13 months old, doing things like hand stands with his family's act.

    When Donald's father passed away his mother kept the act going, developing their act into a successful Vaudeville routine. Donald's mother taught him such dances as Buck, Tap, Black Bottom and was doing routines and by four years old his comedic dancing would became a big part of the routine.


    When he was sixteen years of age he was part of a swing dance troupe called the Jivin Jack's and Jill's with partner Peggy Ryan who he would partner in many of his earlier Films. Later he got his formal dance training from Johnny Boyle and Louis DaPron. He entered the movies with then famous Bing Crosby in "Sing You Sinners" in 1938 when a studio executive saw his act. Later Louis DaPron was a major influence in his dance ability.

    From 1944 to 1947, Donald entered the Army, while there he made over 2000 personal appearances for the Special Services. Most people were familiar with O'Conner in the "Francis and the Talking Mule" series. However his real big break came with the movie "Singin' in the Rain" with Gene Kelly.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Chicago, IL 8/28/1925 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Adagio Debbie Reynolds n/a
Ballroom Ethel Merman      
Black Bottom Francis the Talking Mule      
Buck Gene Kelly      
Jazz Janet Leigh      
Mime Louis Da Pron      
Tap Peggy Ryan*      
Tumbling Robert Alton      
      Vera Ellen      
      Mitzi Gaynor      

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1981 - Bring Back Birdie
            1983 - Showboat




1937 - Melody for Two n/a n/a
1938 - Sing You Sinners            
1939 - On Your Toes            
1942 - What's Cookin'            
$ 1942 - Private Buckaroo ( DVD )            
1942 - Give Out, Sisters            
1942 - Get Hep to Love            
1942 - Strictly in the Groove            
1942 - When Johnny comes Marching Home            
1943 - It Comes Up Love            
1943 - Mister Big            
1943 - Top Man            
1943 - Chip Off The Old Block            
1944 - Bowery to Broadway            
1944 - Follow the Boys            
1944 - This Is The Life            
1944 - The Merry Mohanans            
1945 - Patrick the Great            
1947 - Something in the Wind            
1948 - Are You With It            
1948 - Feudin' Fussin' and Fightin'            
1949 - Yes Sir, That's My Baby            
$ 1952 - Singin' In The Rain ( DVD)            
$ 1950 - Francis the Talking Mule            
$ 1953 - I Love Melvin            
$ 1954 - There's No Business like show Business ( DVD )            
$ 1955 - Francis in the Navy            
Call Me Madam            
$ Make em Laugh ( A&E Biography)            
Anything Goes            
Walking My Baby Back Home            
$ 1974 -That's Entertainment ( DVD )            
Fit as a Fiddle            
$ 1985 - That's Dancing!            


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