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Lee Dixon

Stage Name

Birth Name

Lee Dixon

? Lee Dixon ?

Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Dancer. Performed on the Vaudeville stage, Broadway and a few films. His most notable dance scene was when he danced on a huge Typewriter with Ruby Keeler in the movie "Ready, Willing and Able," ( Here's the clip.)

   He was tall for a notable dancer but was a multi talented performer, and an excellent Tap dancer but also became a heavy drinker as he approached middle age. His alcoholism lead to his not being hired in any productions, except Oklahoma, which he did his own choreography and did it exceptionally well.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Brooklyn, NY 1/22/1914-1/8/1953 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Tap Dance Celeste Holm Can I Walk By (Dixon)
      Paul Draper Darling Nelly Gray
      Priscilla Lane (Varsity Show) Speaking of the Weather
      Ruby Keeler The Song of the Marines
        Too Marvelous for Words (w/ Keeler)
            We're in the Money

Night Clubs



n/a n/a  
            1943 - Oklahoma




1932 - A Modern Cinderella (dancer)            
1937 - Golddigger of 1937        
1937 - Ready, Willing and Able        
1937 - The Singing Marine        
1937 - The Varsity Show        
1938 - Billy Rose's Casa Mañana Revue        
1940 - Broadway Brevities: Double or Nothing        
1946 - Musical Parade: Double Rhythm        
1947 - Angel and the Badman        
1993 - Rodgers & Hammerstein 50th Anniversary Collection ( Modern Cinderella)    


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