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Stage Name

Birth Name

Tony De Marco Antonio De Marco
Nina Kroner (Nina De Marco) Helen Kroner
Renée (aka Renee LeBlanc) Renée Nerney-Coates
Sally Craven (Sally DeMarco) Ora Lee Allen
      The De Marco's were actually one of eight different partners. Tony De Marco started dancing in Burlesque and moved into Vaudeville. This would eventually lead him to musicals and later movies. Tony's first partner (as a kid) was Mabel Hooper. Then Mabel Scott who also became his first wife who became ill and Helen Kroner stepped in and was so good with Tony that he and Mabel divorced. By 1924 Helen and Tony were on the splits and Maxine Arnold filled her shoes, until she reportedly became overweight. Next was Albertina Vitak in 1927, a good pairing but the both argued way to much. Next came Patricia Bowman, who reportedly was (...ahum) 'a little too ambitious' in 1928. By 1929 we saw Arline Lagen toeing the line. 1930 brought love and dance to Tony with Renee Le Blanc and it was she that made them famous as a pairing.¹

   Tony and Renee whirled up a storm at the Plaza hotel and stayed there for a few years making a huge name for themselves. The most famous three were actually really married to Tony. Antonio first married Mabel Scott, but his second wife Nina Kroner is really where the de Marco name in dance was first made. Then Renée, then Sally. Renee and Tony were separated in 1938, with Renée filing for divorce in 1939, finally divorcing in 1941 (When he got Sally for a partner). Tony and Renée were the most famous of all Tony's partners before his teaming with Sally Craven (Another ballet dancer.)

    Sally started dancing with Tony in 1941 and married him in 1944. Tony and Sally would become the most famous of all the "DeMarco teamings Sally DeMarco danced in the movie "Gone with the Wind," portraying Vivian Leigh in all the non close up shots of Vivian dancing, as Vivian couldn't dance.

   All three De Marco's were one of the most successful exhibition Ballroom dance teams along with Veloz and Yolanda and Marge and Gower Champion. They appeared with Ginger Rogers in the Broadway play "Girl Crazy" in 1930. Renée had a son named Kevin Coates.

Birth Place

Birth Date



(Tony) Fredonia, NY 1/1/1898 - 11/14/1965 Nina, Sally, Renee n/a
(Renée) Montreal, Quebec, Canada? ?? Tony DeMarco, Paul Coates, Joe Cassidy Kevin Coates

Dance Types

various Dance Partners

Music Titles

Waltz Ernest Belcher Swingin' Sisters In The Air (LP)
Adagio / Acrobatic Theodore Kosloff A Journey to a Star (w/ Wilson)
Latin Virginia Wilson No Love, No Nothin' (w/ Wilson)
Tango       Paducah (w/ Wilson)

Night Clubs



1934 - Persian Room, NY Apollo Theater (1924) 1914 - Hands Up
      Broadhurst Theater (1940) 1915 - Katinka (Nina)
      Hollywood Bowl 1916 - Miss Springtime (Nina)
      Hollywood Theater (1941) 1924 - George White's Scandals (Tony)
    Imperial Theater (1935) 1925 - Cocoanuts (Tony)
            1929 - Music Box Revue
            1930 - Girl Crazy
        1932 - Hot-Cha! (Renee, Tony)
            1935 - Jubilee! (Tony, Choreo)
            1939 - Very Warm for May ( Sally)
            1940s - Slap Happy (Tony & Renee)
        1940 - Boys and Girls Together (Renee. Sally, Tony)
        1941 - Banjo Eyes (Sally)
        1944 - Star Time (Sally)
            The Greenwich Follies
            Eisenhower's Inauguration Ball (Sally)




1935 - In Caliente' (with Sally) n/a 8/1935 - Vanity Fair Magazine
$1938 - The Shining Hour (& Choreo)       6/30/1941 - Time Magazine
$1939 - Gone with the Wind (Sally)       3/27/1942 - Mansfield News Journal (Ohio) pg. 13
1943 - Crazy House (with Sally)       4/1944 - Movie Life Magazine ( On separation)
1943 - Gangs All Here (with Virginia Wilson)       11/18/1946 - Life Magazine
1944 - Greenwich Village (with Sally)        
1953 - Sword Of Venus (Renee) [DVD]        

NOTE: Thanks to Beth (Sally's niece) for added information and Pics on Tony and Sally DeMarco.
Also, Paul Rogers is looking for anyone with info on his relative -- Renee, E-mail him here.

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