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Catherine De Medici

Stage Name

Birth Name

Catherine De Medici

Catherine D' Medici

    Catherine de Medici was born in Florence Italy in 1519 to Italian parents Lorenzo de Medici(Duke of Urbina) and Madeleine de la Tour d' Auvergne who died shortly after her birth by the Florentine rebellion. Pope Clemont VII ( Guilio d' Medici) would later conquer the rebellion. During this time Catherine was raised in a Catholic Church and would receive an excellent education. Later she was moved to France and marriage arrangements were made ( France Objected) for her to wed the 2nd son of King Francis "Henry of Orleans" ( Duc d' Orleans - later King Henry II - ruled 1547-1559) in 1533.

    When then Kings first son the "Dauphine Francis" died in 1536, her husband would become "King Henry II." Henry and Catherine would have ten children which only three would serve as King of France, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. King Henry's love was not for Catherine however, his mistress "Diane de Piotiers" would be a thorn in Catherine's side for many years until Henry's death in 1547. Henry II then became king until his death in 1559 and her son Francis II became King until his death in 1560.

    Catherine had many obstacles to overcome especially France's dislike for having an Italian Queen. However she not only overcame these but is remembered as one of France's greatest Queens. Catherine is also known as the person who started

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Florence, Italy 1519 - 1589 King Henry II of Orleans Ten Children

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n/a Versailles Ballet de la Cour




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            1976 - Life and Times of ( Brace)
            $ Catherine de' Medici: Profiles in Power


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