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A Young Debbie Reynolds

Stage Name

Birth Name

Debbie Reynolds Mary Francis Reynolds

     Debbie is a talented and award winning Singer, Actress and Dancer who got her start in show business by entering and winning a 1948 "Miss Burbank" beauty contest at 16, sponsored by Lockheed Aircraft. Having two talent scouts as judges, Reynolds was not overlooked and was offered a screen test by Warner Bro's., it was here she would gain the name Debbie.

     Having very little experience in acting, she would soon end up on the MGM lot working with Fred Astaire and Red Skelton in the film "Three Little Words." Reynolds, moved to California in 1939 with her family where she graduated High School and started her acting career. Debbie Reynolds had no professional dance training till she teamed up with Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain."

     Debbie went on to dance in many more movies and musicals. She is one of the few actresses to have danced with both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in feature films. Most memorable for her endearing role as "Tammy."

Birth Place

Birth Date



El Paso, Texas b.4/1/1932 Eddie Fisher (1955) Carrie Fisher (b.1956)
    Harry Karl (1960) Todd Emanuel (b.1958)
    Richard Hamlett (1984)      
Measurements: 5' 2" | 33-23-34 | Green Eyes | Blonde

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Partial Music Titles

Ballroom Donald O'Conner Goody, Goody
Hoop Dance Fred Astaire I Wanna Be Loved by You
Jazz Dance Gene Kelly Singin in the Rain
Tap Dance Gower Champion Tammy
    You Can't Do Wrong Doin' Right
    You Made Me Love You

Night Clubs



Riviera Hotel - Las Vegas, NV. Minskoff Theatre (1974) 1973 - Irene
            1970's - Annie Get Your Gun
        1974 - Debbie
        1982 - Woman Of The Year
        1989 - The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Partial Films list



1948 - June Bride 1960 - A Date with Debbie 11/1953 - Modern Screen Magazine
1950 - Three Little Words 1969 - Debbie Reynolds Show 1988 - Debbie; My Life
1950 - The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady 1981 - Aloha Paradise      
1950 - Two Weeks In Love        
1951 - Mr. Imperium        
1952 - Singin' In The Rain        
1953 - Give A Girl A Break        
1953 - I Love Melvin            
1953 - The Affairs of Dobie Gillis            
1955 - Hit The Deck        
1955 - The Tender Trap        
1956 - Bundle Of Joy        
1957 - Tammy and the Bachelor        
1958 - The Happy Feeling        
1959 - It Started With a Kiss        
1959 - The Mating Game        
1960 - The Rat Race        
1961 - The Pleasure of His Company        
1961 - The Second Time Around        
1962 - How The West Was Won        
1963 - My Six Loves        
1964 - Goodbye Charlie        
1964 - Unsinkable Molly Brown            
1966 - The Singing Nun        
1973 - Charlotte's Web (Charlotte Voice)        
1974 - That's Entertainment        
1976 - That's Entertainment II        
1994 - That's Entertainment III        

NOTE: Mother to Carrie and Todd Fisher

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