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Adeline Genée Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Adeline Genée Anina Jensen

        Adeline was of Danish decent, and later came to London in 1897. She was said to be to dance what Jenny Lind was to song. Traveled to the U.S. in 1908 and later brought her company to the U.S. in 1912. She was described as witchery, a fairy to the dance, a perennial wonder child, a beloved favorite.

    Genée devoted her career to setting the dance once again in its ancient place of honor beside music and poetry. She gave the effect of being supreme in all dance forms. She could accomplish as a mere gesture feats that others reserved for a climax such as the astoundingly difficult "enchant buit." Her costume was mainly of the 1830's style, reminiscent of Taglioni.

     Genée started studying dance at the age of three with her Uncle who was A dance master at the Milanse school. A dance master at the

Milanse school. At the age of seventeen she made her dancing debut in Copenhagen, then on to Berlin and Munich. Upon arriving in London for six weeks, she ended up staying for ten years dancing at the Empire Theatre.

   She was awarded by her King the Ingenu et arti ( Award.) Genée Retired in her prime and became a legend in 1916 after marrying.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark 1878 -1970 Isitt? n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Anton Dolin (1933) n/a
Court Dances            

Night Clubs


Stage / Ballets

n/a Metropolitan Opera House 1907 - The Soul Kiss
      New York Theater (1907) 1909 - Herod
      Adeline Genée Theater ( Namesake) 1909 - The Dryad
            1932 - The Love Song Suite (Choreo)
            La Danse
            The Hunt
        Ziegfeld Follies




n/a n/a 7/1907 - Theater Magazine
            9/1909 - Theater Magazine
            12/1909 - Theater Magazine
            12/1926 - Mentor Magazine
            Dance Encyclopedia (Chujoy)


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