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Betty Grable Hugging Dan Dailey

Stage Name

Birth Name

Dan Dailey

Daniel James Dailey Jr.


     A 6' 3" song and dance man of the Vaudeville stage with his first appearance on stage as a child in minstrel shows and began dance lessons at the age of 14. His first teaming was with Betty Grable in Broadway and Vaudeville acts. Dailey also sang and danced in Burlesque, and stock before reaching Broadway in 1937. His career was put on hold while he did a stint in the Army where he gained the rank of Lieutenant.

    Oh his return from the service he was finally able to hit it big with Twentieth Century Fox films. Dailey was cast in the original Broadway production of "Babes in Arms." During his career, he would dance with many stars such as Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Ann Baxter and Eleanor Powell.

    Dans characters usually portrayed a happy go lucky kinda chap, but with a hint of seriousness to his demeanor, always aiming for success in his characters. He played other serious or dramatic roles as well as Musicals. Dan died in Los Angeles, California of acute anemia in 1978.

Dan Dailey Jr. Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York City, NY 12/14/1913 - 10/16/1978 Carole Warner Dan Dailey III *
  ( Census says 1915) Esther Rodier  
    Elizabeth Hofert (1942) *  
    Gwen Carter (1955-61)  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Tap Ann Baxter n/a
Jazz Betty Grable      
Charleston Cyd Charisse      
Jitterbug Donald O'Connor      
      Eleanor Powell      
      Gene Kelly    
      Michael Kidd    

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1937 - Babes In Arms
            1939 - Stars In Your Eyes
        1965 - Catch Me if You Can
        1968 - Plaza Suite




1940 - Hullabaloo 1950 - Four Just Men 11/15/1969 - TV Guide
$ 1940 - Mortal Storm, the 1970 - The Governor and JJ  
1941 - Down in San Diego 1977 - Farraday and Company  
1941 - Get Away, the    
$ 1941 - Lady Be Good    
1941 - Moon Over Her Shoulder    
1941 - Washington Melodrama    
1941 - Wild Man of Borneo, the    
$ 1941 - Ziegfeld Girl [ DVD]    
1942 - Give Out, Sister    
1942 - Mokey    
$ 1942 - Panama Hattie    
1942 - Sunday Punch    
$ 1947 - Mother Wore Tights(1st after Army Stint)    
1948 - Give My Regards To Broadway    
1950 - My Blue Heaven    
$ 1952 - The Pride of Saint Louis    
$ 1952 - What Price Glory [ DVD]    
1953 - Girl Next Door    
$ 1954 - There's No Business Like Show
[ DVD]
$ 1955 - It's Always Fair Weather [ DVD?]    
1956 - Best Things in Life are Free    
$ 1956 - Meet Me in Las Vegas    
$ 1957 - Wings of Eagles, the    
1960 - Pepe    

NOTE: Dan's actress sister was Irene Dailey

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