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Stage Name

Birth Name

Cuban Pete Pedro Aquilar
    'Cuban Pete' is a legendary dancer known worldwide for his talent and passion for the Mambo. He has won scores of prizes for his innovative movements which have now become standards in Latin Dance. In the 1950's he was known as 'King of the Latin Beat', the 'Maestro of Mambo' and the 'The Prince of the Palladium.'

    Although not Cuban, Pedro Aquilar, aka 'Cuban Pete' got his name from Desi Arnaz and his song entitled "Cuban Pete" in the 1950's. Pedro was Born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York with his family as a child. Pedro had a rough child hood ( Orphanage) finally being reunited with his family at age 19. Pedro learned how to dance at a young age, and again seriously in 1950, taking lessons from his mother 'Nellie Trujillo Masdeu', his first dance teacher, as well as Katherine Dunham, however, he says he was really never formerly trained in dance.

    Pedro married his dance partner Millie (Later divorced) and danced for two Presidents of the U.S. ... "Eisenhower and Johnson" and the "Queen of England" in the 1950's as well as being featured in Life Magazine (On The Cover no less) on 12/20/1954. From 1969-1982 Pedro worked for Warner Bros. Studios. Pedro still danced and taught in North Miami, Florida up untill his passing. Here is a Link to Cuban Pete's Dance Page.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Puerto Rico 6/14/1927 – 1/13/2009 Millie Donay Denise Gerard
    Petrina Aguilar
      Sean Peter Aguilar

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

El Manicero Barbara Craddock ( Current) Cuban Pete ( Arnaz )
Mambo Millie Donay      

Night Clubs



Palladium (NY) Apollo Theater Mambo No. 2 am
Dance Palace            
RKO Palace            
Waldor - Astoria            




Mambo Madness     n/a     n/a
Mambo Kings ( Chor)            
Palladium Days, When Mambo was King