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Stage Name

Birth Name

Marie Camargo Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo

    Studied ballet with French ballerina Françoise Prévost. Made her dancing debut in May 5, 1726 in the Paris Opera ballet - "Les Caracteres de la danse. Was said to have invented the 90 degree turnout as well as dancing her ballet's in slippers instead of heeled shoes ( Removed the heels) and even shortening her Stage skirt for dancing, she was also known for improving the entrechat-quartre in 1730.

     Her best dances were the Pas De Menuet, Jete' and Pas de Basque, done in most of her ballets. In May of 1728, Marie and her sister were abducted by the Comte de melun. The ballet "Camargo" depicted this part of her life. Marie retired in 1751.also in 1751, Marie never married but lived with Comte de Clermont.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Brussels, Belgium 1710 - 1770 Comte de Clermont n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Françoise Prévost n/a
Pas de Basque Marie Sallé ( Her rival)      
Pas De Menuet            

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1726 - Les Caracteres de la danse
            1741 - Les Fetes Grecques et Romaines
            Le Jugment de Paris
            Les Amours Dequises




n/a Camargo - Lancret Painting Escoffiers Guide to Modern Cookery

NOTE: Escoffier named some of his famous cooking dishes after Camargo:
"Bombe Camargo, Filet de Boeuf Camargo, Ris de Veau grilles Camargo, Souffle' a' la Camargo."