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Clifton Webb

Stage Name

Birth Name

Clifton Webb

Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck

    His talent was discovered when he was just 8 years of age and thus, was offered a role in the "Palmer Cox's Brownies. Mr. Webb quit school when he was just thirteen years of age to follow his dream of the arts, singing, dancing, painting, etc. He did some operatic singing for a bit and sang at the grand Opera House in "Mignon." Although not formerly trained in dancing, he started his dance career as a comic vaudeville and musical dancer and Opera singer in the early 1910s. Webb started teaching dance lessons and got his big break in 1913 when Bonnie Glass spotted him gigolo
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Dancing ( Yes, in his early pre Bonnie Glass days he was a gigolo) at the Jardin de Danse nightclub in New York. Here he worked alongside Valentino and George Raft. This teaming proved valuable for Webb as the Glass / Webb team became very proficient at the dances they performed together for about a year and this brought him great exposure. It has been reported that Glass trained Webb in the Ballroom dances they did.

    When Webb ended his partnership with Glass, its said they were romantically involved at the time, Mae Murray picked him up and danced off with him for quite a few months on the keith vaudeville circuit. Later he would add eccentric type dances with Mary Hay and Gloria Goodwin. In 1915, the famous ballroom choreographer Ned Wayburn headlined him in his Broadway revue "Town Topics of 1915." Webb opened a dance studio with his mother Maybelle (whom he lived with untill her death) and continued to perform.

    Webb started doing movies in 1920 but didn't get his first big movie break until 1944 in the film titled "Laura." Today he is mainly remembered for his movie acting roles, rather than his dancing.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Indianapolis, IN 11/11/1891 - 10/13/1966 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Ada Mae Weeks Body and Soul
      Amy Revere 1932 - A Rainy Day
      Bonnie Glass (1914) 1932 - Alone Together
      Elisabeth Marbury (mgr.) 1932 - Meine Kleine
      Fred Allen (Three's A Crowd) 1933 - Not For All The Rice
      Gloria Goodwin 1933 - How's Chances
      Joan Bennett 1933 - Easter Parade
      Libby Hollman (Three's A Crowd)    
      Mae Murray      
      Margaret Lee    
      Mary Hay (1925)      
      Marilyn Webb (1932)      
      Tamara Geva (1932)      

Night Clubs



Jardin de Danse Imperial Theater (1932) 1899 - Palmer Cox's Brownies
Surf Club (Miami) Majestic Theater 1910 - Mignon (Singing)
    Palace Theatre (danced) 1913 - The Purple Road (Singing)
            1914 - Keith Vaudeville Circuit
            1915 - Dancing Around (danced)
            1915 - Town Tropics (danced)
        1915 - Love o Mike (danced)
            1917 - Listen Lester
            1917 - Marbury's "Love O' Mike" (w/ Weeks)
        1922 - Phi-Phi (UK)
            1929 - Little Show
        Little Show (the first) danced
        She's My Baby (danced)
        Sonny (danced)
        Treasure Girl
        1930 - Three's A Crowd (danced w/ Hollman)
        1932 - Blithe Spirit
            1932 - Flying Colors (w/ Geva)
        1933 - As Thousands Cheer
        1939 - Burlesque

Partial Films



1920 - Polly with a Past       4/8/1916 - NY Dramatic Mirror
1924 - Let not Man put Asunder            
1925 - New Toys            
1925 - The Heart of a Siren            
1930 - The Still Alarm            
1944 - Laura            
1946 - The Dark Corner            
1946 - Razor's Edge            
1948 - Sitting Pretty            
1949 - Mr. Belvedere goes to College            
1950 - Cheaper by the Dozen            
1950 - For Heaven's Sake (w/ Bennett)        
1952 - Belles on your Toes            
1952 - Dreamboat (w/ Ginger Rogers)            
1952 - Stars and Stripes Forever            
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