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Chita Rivera

Stage Name

Birth Name

Chita Rivera Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero
ConChita O'Hara  
Conchita Del Rivero  
   Broadway musical star turned movie actress whose career spans decades. Her first major success was in 1953 "West Side Story" a broadway production. Work on many projects with legendary choreographer Jack Cole.    Before she was known as "Chita Rivera" she was billed as "Chita O'Hara," "Conchita O'Hara" and "CONCHITA DEL RIVERO" in the 1950s.
Chita Rivera Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Washington, DC 1/23/1933 Tony Mordente Lisa Mordente

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

n/a Alfred Drake n/a
      Marc Wilder      

Night Clubs



n/a 46th Street Theatre 1953 - Can-Can
      Broadhurst Theatre 1960 - By Bye Birdie
      Majestic Theatre 1965 - Bajour
      Mark Hellinger Theatre 1975 - Chicago
      Martin Beck Theatre All That Jazz
      Shubert Theater 1981 - Bring Back Birdie
            1984 - The Rink
            1985 - Merlin
            1988 - Can Can
            1993 - Kiss of the Spider Woman
            1996 - Angela Landsbury - Celebration
            Anything Goes
            1950s - America ( Chita Rivera Girls?)




1969 - Sweet Cahrity 1963 - Judy Garland Show 11/1976- After Dark
1981 - Pippin' 1971 - New Dick Van Dyke Show 2/6/1998 - In Theater Mag
1983 - He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'       12/25/1966 - TV Preview
1987 - Mayflower Madame