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Barri Chase on cover of Esquire

Stage Name

Birth Name

Barrie Chase n/a

     Barrie Chase shown here on the magazine cover was a popular Dancer and Actress who gained world wide fame at the age of 23 by dancing with Fred Astaire in his TV specials (Fred stated ' This Girl Can Really Dance'.)  In 1958, the TV Show 'An Evening with Fred Astaire' with Barrie Chase as his partner won Nine Emmy Awards.

   Barrie started acting in movies in the early 1950's. In 1964, "TV Guide" featured Fred Astaire and Barry Chase dancing the "Watusi," Esquire Magazine with her doing the 'Maxixe' as well as a few of Fred's TV Shows.

   Barrie decided to retire from show business in 1968 and return to a family life with her husband James Haufman and son.  

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Birth Place

Birth Date



New York City, NY B.10/20/1936 James Richard Kaufman Son
    Gene Shacove  
      Jan Malmsjö  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Fred Astaire Too Bad
Ballroom George Chakiris      
Maxixe George Raft      

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1964 - Think Pretty




1952 - Hans Christian Anderson [DVD] 1958 - An Evening with Fred Astaire 4/1954 - Cover Girls Model Mag
1952 - Scaramouche 1959 - Another Eve w/ Fred Astaire 5/1954 - Focus Mag.
1954 - White Christmas [DVD] 1959 - Bonanza (TV) 12/13/1958 - TV Guide
1955 - Daddy Long Legs [DVD] 1959 - The Fred Astaire Show [DVD] 10/31/1959 - TV Guide
1956 - Opposite Sex [DVD] 1960 - Astaire Time 9/1/1960 - Life Magazine
1957 - Silk Stocking [DVD] 9/27/1963 - Bob Hope Presents 6/1960 - Esquire Mag (maxixe)
1957 - Great Man, The 1957 - Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana 7/1960 - Modern Screen Mag
1957 - Les Girls [DVD] 2/8/1961 - Sunday News TV Wk
1958 - Party Girl [DVD] 2003 - Satin and Silk 12/18/1963 - Everybody Mag
1958 -The Fabulous Fred Astaire       8/29 - 9/4/1964 - TV Guide
1958 - Mardi Gras            
1961 - George Raft Story            
1962 - Cape Fear [DVD] ( Photo)            
1963 - It's A Mad Mad World [DVD]            
1965 - Flight of the Phoenix [DVD] 1966 Manequin Dance w/ Fred Astaire Clip      

NOTE: Name sometimes spelled as Barry Chase.