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Photo of dancer Fanny Cerito

Stage Name

Birth Name

Fanny Cerrito Francesca Cerito

    Fanny Cerrito was a famous Ballet and court dancer whose fame was that of Marie Taglioni. Cerrito made her professional debut in 1832 at the San Carlo Theater ( Teatro San Carlo.) Fanny worked with the famous ballet choreographer Carlo Blasis which would help her rise to fame.

    She would dance fantastically with Fanny Elssler in the "Minuet de la Cour," Elssler was the lead and Cerrito the follow (a S in dancing as a couple.) Fanny Cerrito was known to do the "Cerrito Schottische" in 1851.

    Fanny married Arthur Saint-Leon (1821-1870) on April 17, 1845, which only lasted six years. Cerrito had a daughter, Mathilde, in 1853 - not by Leon but that of a spanish noble-man. Fanny gave her farewell performance at the Lyceum Theater in 1857 and then retiring to England.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Naples, Italy 5/11/1817-5/6/1909 Arthur Saint-Leon (1821-1870) Mathilde

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Mazurka (Mazourka) Arthur Saint-Leon n/a
Minuet De La Cour (1843 - London) Fanny Essler (1840)      
Quadrilles Lucille Grahn, Grisi, and Marie Taglioni      
La Tarentule Jules Perrot      
La Lituana            
Cerrito Schottische (1851)            
La Redowa Polka (1844)          
La Vivandiere          

Night Clubs



n/a Kaertnerthor Theater 1843 - Ondine
      La Scala 1845 - Pas de Quatre
      Lyceum Theater 1854 - Gemma
      Teatro San Carlo      




n/a n/a $ Fanny Cerrito: The Life of a Romantic
by Ivor Gust